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Auslan Tutorial – general introduction sentences

hello This video general introduction sentances for group learning Auslan where?
North Rocks Anglican Church I sign question, you answer. Discuss. Good. Okay? hello. How-are-you? Welcome church your name what? my name J.E.R.E.M.Y. you work what? my work carpentry C.A.R.P.E.N.T.R.Y. carpentry you live where? I live sydney, north Your weekend good?
what do? what? my weekend busy, work, social, dinner last-week, weekend good, relax
sleep lots, good you want tea? coffee? You want food? H.O.B.B.I.E.S. you what? What you like do? What? I like movies, I like comedy movies.
I like movies good story You like movies? I grew-up Brisbane B.R.I.S.B.A.N.E. Brisbane. You grew-up where? Your family, Brothers have? Sisters have? My family (4 sibblings) eldest brother, 2nd Me
3rd sister, 4th brother Eldest live overseas, 3rd and 4th live Sydney Good chat with you. See later. Bye You practice finished? Not-yet? Video, rewind. Practice with me. Good. Thankyou

26 Replies to “Auslan Tutorial – general introduction sentences”

  • Hi Darren, that was excellent! I've just come back from London where I've learnt BSL and am enjoying watching your signing as you're very clear and precise! BSL and Auslan were meant to be similar I thought, gosh I found so many signs that were sooooo different, oh well, lots to catch up on now! 🙂

  • Hi Darren. I'm Areta from St. Andrew's Cathedral in Town Hall. I met a few people from the North Rocks. They taught me simple auslan like movie, school, sorry, thank you, good day, good night and all that. I've been very interested to learn since. I've been looking around YouTube for Auslan tutorial video. This one you're doing is very helpful and I'm so happy and excited to know that you guys are doing this. Thank you so much and hope to see u one day. 🙂

  • How do you say "I only know a little bit of auslan" or similar? There is a deaf girl in my class and I want to introduce myself and be friendly, but I also need her to know that I probably won't understand much of what she says back without the Interpreter. Thank you for your help!

  • Tutorial? thats crap, I have been learning auslan for a couple of months now and I am loving it but this video is not a tutorial this video is for fluent sign. a tutorial should have voice as well to help us understand. you should change the title of your video!!

  • Has anyone else ever noticed that if you are working at a checkout you are constantly signing "BUSY" ? How appropriate.

  • The captions should give you enough understanding to get by until you can recognise the signs. TBH, in my experience, learning any language is made a lot harder if you rely too much on your own language to learn. The best way to learn is to make yourself to use the target language as much as possible, so I think it's good that this video has no audio. Forces you to really understand and appreciate the features of 'speaking' to a person with no hearing!

  • I don't know why so many people are complaining about this video not being a good tutorial, I know hardly any Auslan only just started learning it on my own a couple weeks ago and it seems fairly straightforward. Learning by example from fluent sign seems like the best approach IMO. I can already understand most of whats said in the video without captions

  • freckles, Darren didn't show the palm hand because that is not how Deaf people sign… they keep the palm facing themselves… it is a little more in the video, because the camera couldn't catch enough information otherwise.

    haz snyder, this is nowhere near fluent. It is a tutorial of basic signs that a particular class was learning, and while it is fast for a beginner, it isn't normal speed. There are captions if you need to turn them on to understand the signs.

    Cameron Miller, I had to laugh and look twice – you share your name with a very well known Deaf Teacher of the Deaf… so it seems appropriate that you would learn sign 😀

  • Brilliant- really clear. Thank you. I guess Deaf people often talk with palm facing away, so this is a good challenge for us learners right?

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