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Auslan practice tutorial – Church and bible signs

This Auslan practice video “” Church Signs “” for people learning Auslan. Where? North Rocks Anglican Church “”God his Character, signs”” Holy God, he holy true. We holy can. How? Through Jesus Grace God, we, he punish-us? No. He grace, give-us life Mercy My mum. She show-me mercy. I naughty. She punish-me? No. No. She forgive me. Show-me mercy Sovereign God, he sovereign, he boss over all Glory God, he glory, jaw drop, amazing Praise God, we praise-to-him should. Why? He awesome. Righteous / Justified God tell-me, Jesus, I accept yes, I become righteous before him. Justice / Fair God true fair. He Biased never. Majestic / Messiah Majestic, honour, glory, His(God’s) Judge In court, judge decide fair, must. Shepherd Jesus say “I true good shepherd” Forgiveness I sin lots. God forgive me always Salvation / Save / Saviour We saved. How? Jesus. He died, I live, swap. “”Things in bible, signs”” Church My church, I love. Friendly, good fellowship Bible God tell-me, how? Bible, through bible Spirit God, his spirit, give-all. All Christians, God his Spirit, have. Where? Inside-heart Soul Your soul, life forever will Old testament Bible, it have 2 parts. 1st old testament New testament Bible, 2nd part what? New testament Cross Cross remind, Jesus died for me, swap Gift God, gift give-to-all free. Gift what? Salvation. “”Places in bible, signs”” Heaven Heaven, there, perfect. God, with (2ppl together CL) relationship Hell Hell, place, terrible. God, rel-with-broken cut finished Jerusalem Jesus, born where? Jerusalem Israel Abraham, his children country name what? Israel “”Character in bible, signs”” God God, he created all Jesus Jesus, God his son. Died on cross, crucified Devil Bible say, devil same lion (ROAR) Christian You trust Jesus, obey God? Mean you christian Abraham 1st Jew who? Abraham Moses Moses, Law?, God gave-to-Moses Pharaoh Pharaoh, his heart hard. Obey God? No. Pharisee Pharisee, Jesus, they hate. Plan kill him Priest / Pastor Pastor, lead church Angel Angel , they serve God Disciple Jesus, 12 disciples have Apostle Paul, he apostle for Jesus Christ “”People behave/action/response signs”” Obey / Honor I command, you obey, must Rebel I command. You obey nothing? Means you rebel Sin I, God, obey none. Means I sin Worship Worship God, lots people worship God Resurrection Jesus, died, under-ground. But, 3rd day, resurrected. Death / Die All people die will Repent Repent means sin, stop. Ask(God) forgiveness. Then-on live right Crucify Jesus die how? Crucified on cross Baptism Baptism same symbol. Old life finished, new life start Sacrifice Jesus, he sacrifice for all sin finished Thankyou

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  • Not a religious bone in my body but I appreciate the work some churches do. Thanks for your youtube videos, as a student. I might have to see if I can come along to your church someday.

  • Hi, I know it's a long shot but ay way to get a copy of this and pictures to go with it. So i can practise all the signs?

  • Hi, as a new Auslan student this video is a great find! I hope to use my skills one day to open up my church to the Deaf community. Do you have any events or interpreted services when I could come visit?

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