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How To Learn Sign Language

At Home – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

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16 Replies to “At Home – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)”

  • nice and clear BSL SIGNS….> Jessica was very clear on the home signs a few ive not seen before  but understand due to your lip pattens,,, 🙂 do you use sign a lot at home? or lip read more?? if you don't mind me asking… allways enjoyable ,,,,,

  • Thanks so much for the clear signs! trying to teach my hoh child some signs finding your videos really helpful 🙂

  • Oooh some signs are a little different to what I've been taught but these videos are so helpful in refreshing my memory. (About to start level 2 course in September).

  • my 12 year old daughter loves loves loves your sign videos and she said she wishes she had your hair as hers is strawberry blonde xxx

  • This is awesome! I'm a HoH girl who lives in the States. I grew up using signed English and am now in ASL classes at school hoping to go to Gallaudet for my masters and if I still need it do their Jump Start program to get deaf and HoH kids who aren't  fluent in ASL ready for the school year.

    Anyway I LOVE all your videos, they make me want to learn BSL! Do you know any ASL? How different do you think they are? Thanks!

  • I hate to say it but when you signed house, you signed dead which is a common mistake of which i made in the first year of learning. Lol. Xx

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