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Assistance for Individuals Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing – CAP ASL VLOG

Hello. My name is Karen Grewal of the Computer/Electronic
Accommodations Program (CAP). Do you know what types of assistive technology (AT)
CAP provides to federal employees of the Department of Defense and federal partnering agencies
who are deaf or hard of hearing? In this video I will briefly explain products commonly provided
by CAP for those who are deaf and hard of hearing, including: Assistive Listening Devices
(ALDs), Amplifiers, Communication Devices, and more.
1. An Assistive Listening Devices or ALD may be used by employees who have difficulty
hearing accents, distinguishing between female or male voices or specific vocal tones. ALDs
may help improve listening skills when communicating with supervisors, co-workers, or presenters
during meetings. Those who wear hearing aids may benefit from an ALD that supports hearing
aids with Telecoil features. 2. An Amplified Telephone is another product
that provides volume amplification and control for employees who have difficulty hearing
conversations via telephones. All amplified telephones must be agency approved.
3. Video Communication Devices are also available for employees who need to communicate by phone
using sign language. These devices enable the user to sign directly into the camera
and can connect directly to another video communication device or can connect to a relay
service to facilitate better communication to hearing individuals.
4. Captioned Telephone Devices allow the deaf or hard of hearing individual to use his or
her voice while on the phone and read words on a screen to supplement missing words during
a phone conversation. 5. Deaf-to-Hearing Communication devices are
provided for employees who need to communicate with individuals who are not familiar with
sign language or do not have access to an interpreter. (This does not replace interpreters
completely for meetings that last more than one hour.) The user types their message and
it appears instantly in text on screen allowing seamless communication between deaf and hearing
individuals. You can learn more about accommodation solutions
for employees on our website at under the “Accommodation Solutions” webpage
tab. There you will see a list of various technologies that may assist federal employees
with disabilities in performing a variety of essential job functions.
For more information, please contact CAP at (703) 614-8416 (Voice) and via email at [email protected] Thank you.

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  • Here's a link to one of the many products for individuals that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing that are offered by CAP:

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