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ASL vs BSL – The Alphabet | Sophie

Just incase any of you did not know,
I do caption all of my videos. All you have to do is press that caption button
which is just below, it’s the little CC box. They’re all captioned so if you need it,
it’s there. [Intro Music] Well hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel, or if you are new,
hello welcome to my channel, my name is Sophie. So, in every country they have their own language
right? Sign language is no different and every country
has their own sign language. And not too long ago, just before Christmas,
I saw two Youtubers, one from Britain and one from America,
compare Christmas signs with British Sign Language or BSL
and American Sign Language which is ASL. And I actually know ASL, I learnt it with
my best friend, don’t ask why,
long story. But being deaf I have also learnt some BSL. So I thought it would be fun to look at the
differences between ASL and BSL for the Alphabet. So that is what we are going to do today,
we are going to compare the two and yeah… Let’s crack on with this video. Just before we jump into the video,
I thought I’d point out something that you will probably pick up on and that is,
the main difference between ASL and BSL aside from the letters itself,
is ASL requires 1 hand, BSL requires 2 hands. [no sound] Well that is all for this video. I hope you enjoyed it or you learnt something. If you did be sure to click that thumbs up
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be sure to leave them in the comments below and maybe I can do that. But until next time
Keep Watching Stay Strong
And Stay Safe
Bye Guys

2 Replies to “ASL vs BSL – The Alphabet | Sophie”

  • It seems like ASL would be easier for finger spelling. And your G looks similar to signs for make and coffee!

    You know, if you wanted you could probably boost your views by collaborating with other small YouTube channels I can think of 3 in the UK that might be worth a try. I'm not set up to help you myself.

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