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ASL Vocabulary – Days of the Week

Days of the week. Whoa! See this? This is neat. What is this? WEEK. See, there are 7 days. 7-DAYS. Day is signed like this, DAY. These are days, signed DAY. This is what? WEEK. That is SUNDAY. This is MONDAY. Use the handshape ‘M’. This is TUESDAY. This is WEDNESDAY. This is THURSDAY. Or signed like this, THURSDAY, another variation. This is FRIDAY, with the handshape ‘F’. FRIDAY. This is what? SATURDAY. Handshape ‘S’. SATURDAY. Ok, good! Again. (No subtitles for the review of the signs. Look at the signs, or go back and see the subtitles for the first time the words were signed.) Great! Oh, hold on! See this and that? What are these days? Oh, that is WEEKEND. This is FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY. So how would we sign that? This is signed with handshapes ‘F’, ‘S’, and the Flat-B for FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY. Okay, you see this, for example, MONDAY through FRIDAY. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. Ok, good. (smile)

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  • I have been looking for many videos here. Yours are the best. You are a great teacher. Congrats. And thank you.

  • He starts with Sunday, Monday, Tue, wed, Friday then sat. He then specifies sat and Sundays, as weekend by singing it with his right hand sliding on top of left one and let right hand drop at the end (this would be the sign for "weekend") …then he signs "weekdays" by using the signs for min, Tue, wed n th. Also for Thursday there are 2 ways to sign it , 1) use a "H" hand shape n shake it a lil 2)make a "T" hand shape follow by the "h" in a quick movement, in this case finger spell "TH" 🙂 hope it was helpful.

  • All of these videos are great! Thank you so much for posting these. I work at a Center for Independent Living and I'm trying to learn as much ASL as I can to help our clients with hearing impairment.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your videos, it's helped me so much in ASL class. You are my ASL teacher I always look for on youtube 😀

  • I actually like not having subtitles and having the definitions in the box, as they are here. In any foreign language class, I learned a lot more through immersion and I don't think this is any different 🙂

  • thank you for this video. clears up a lot of confusion. i've always had trouble with the days of the week because i always thought they were signed facing forward not towards the signer.

  • This is really simple to follow. I've learned a great deal just in the few times I've watched this today. I've started my children on learning ASL for the summer, and this is our 2nd video.

  • I am new to this channel, and so far I love it! I haven't seen the very first few videos so I don't know where he is from but all the signs that he teaches are just like the signs I am learning at school! I'm learning sign language in southern California in Mt sac and he signs just like my professor signs which is super helpful for me because I definitely need so much practice and more than half he time I cant go to tutoring =( and when I looked for a specific sign that I just learned at school I would tend to learn signs that were different so once in class or during test it was very different and I would get points deducted…. But hey! I'm so happy I found your channel and I really really hope you still upload videos! Thank you so much!!!

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