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How To Learn Sign Language

ASL Unit 1 Practice

Hello! Today, I’ll show you questions for practice. This is for Signing Naturally, Unit 1, Part A: Fingerspelling. Number 1 That’s it! Thanks for practicing.

14 Replies to “ASL Unit 1 Practice”

  • hi Meridith..this video is pretty much challenging for me..and finally understood most of it what u signed ☺️ enjoying ur videos alot and learning too thanq 😊

  • Meredith you are such a great teacher, finding clear and consise videos online is so hard, and you are the only one I have found so far that is consistently amazing! You are by far my favourite ASL teacher. The number of lives you've made easier from these informative videos will only grow over time. Thank you!

  • number 1: julie mills… again. j u l i e m i l l s ….. this was after so many times watching it at .5 speed, I didn't know why she'd be spelling out Julie Mills…?? Who??

  • I get so excited when I understand most of something that is signed. I’m still learning but the fact that I understood a lot of what was said encourages me to keep learning.

  • Hi Meredith! My name is Amanda and I am hearing. I've been watching your videos for the past week (just began learning) and I learned so much already! I hope you post more videos soon! I don't want to stop learning! Your teaching method is the best for my learning style. I cannot wait to become fluent. Thank you for everything you've done! (I wish I had the answers to the phrases towards the end so I could I make sure I'm right but I guess that's the point lol) Again, thank you Meredith!

  • Amen Meredith , you are a Great teacher in Sign Language . Your body movements and explanations are clear . Thank you GOD Bless ! ❤❤❤

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