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ASL Tutorial: ABC’s of ASL Brianna D. Jackson 6-23-14

Hey! So I just wanted to go over the basics of the alphabet with you. I did this before, and it seemed to appeal to a lot of people so I just make a video just on the alphabet. So it’s more focused and more to that point. And also with audio. I know if your just now starting it can be really hard to understand. I’ll try do a few different angles incase there are difficult signs but lets get started Ready? Alright! A B C D E F G H I J (which you just trace a “j”) K- (which can be difficult… I was trying to show you I think of a “peace sign” and a “thumbs-up”… kind of together, and bent a little bit) K L (for “love”) M (so, 1,2,3) N (so, 1,2) O P- (which is the same as our “k” …like our “K” but you drop the wrist=P) Q -(which is the same as our “g” but drop it) Q R (Fingers twisted=R) S (which not to be confused with …”a” I get those mixed up sometimes this is “a” this is “S” with thumb over over these fingers here) T (which is kind of like “got-your-nose”) U-(which is intuitive because it makes the “u” shape… or you could think of the “H” pointed up=U) V W X- (which I think of a “D”… Or just pointing up and then bend the index, like a hook=X X Y (Like hanging-ten/surfs-up) Z- (you trace “Z” like you do the “J” in the sky…or in this sign space here) So that’s the basics of the alphabet and I hope they help you to start signing your “name” or “where you live” things like that… because you will sign them a lot and there’s not a sign for every English word because ASL and English are 2 totally different languages and there’s not a sign every word and theres not a word for every sign-vise versa and sometimes there’s multiple signs for one English word and things like that, so it’s just important to keep that in mind when you’re starting out…is: It’s not, ASL isn’t English, just you sign it instead of saying it. It is it’s own culture and language and people! So, it’s really fascinating and they’re really patient and kind! As long as you you explain that you’re new and you’re learning (from your book to your brain=”learning”) “I’m learning, I’m student” they’re usually very very nice and will help you! So, anyway-continue to practice the alphabet the more and more you practice it…ex: I practice mine in the car when I see signs
you know I’ll just try to fingerspell everything that I see and it helps to get quicker and quicker at fingerspelling… which will help you read it faster because once you start getting more involved in the community more and more, you’ll notice that people sign and fingerspell there alphabets super fast, so it’s still a challenge for me! I hope that helps! Keep practicing!

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  • Thank you for your tutorial! I've spent a good portion of the afternoon looking for a tutorial, as I need to learn the ASL alphabet forwards and backwards for a course I am in. Yours was the most helpful one I've come across. Most of the videos I found seemed to be geared towards young children.

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