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ASL Signs “How are you?”

Alright so we got more requests and in this video
you will learn how to say “how are you?” To sign How, start with 2 bent hands like this. Start right here and go how. How. This is how. So, how are you? How are you? You want to
kind of lean forward because you are interested Another way to sign it because well you do see
how are you, but you also see “what’s up” I don’t know if it’s a younger generational thing but you do see what’s
up. So you can do it with one hand or two You bring your middle finger down and the rest are kind of up. One handed or
two, one handed is way more informal, I mean what’s up is an informal term anyways so usually you just see it with one hand.
What’s up. What’s up with you? Ok? so ask everyone what’s up or ask them how
they are and I will see you next time!

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