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ASL Signs for SUMMER, HOT, and SWEAT, + Practice sentences!

Hi, today I’m going to teach three signs:
summer, hot, and sweat. What do they mean? Summer, hot, and sweat! Well, now you’ve seen them already, but I’ll show you again slower: First one, summer – the “1” handshape to an “X” – summer. I’ve also seen it signed just once: SUMMER, like that. And that’s sometimes means “because”, so be careful. Context can make it clear, but SUMMER, you can remember it you’re wiping sweat off your brow. SUMMER. Second: hot or heat.
“Bent 5” – hot, it’s like you’re maybe eating a hot food and then you kind of
push it away: hot. Hot. number three: sweat. You can modify it a little bit and
change your facial expression based on the situation. So now I’ll show you three
sentences using those words. Ready? You can find the sentences in this video’s
description, it has the English sentences as well as ASL. Ready? Number one… Okay, again: SUMMER, my favorite season, why?
I enjoy hiking, swimming, the beach, I like Number two… Again, you can sign an area or room…
either or. Again: Here, it’s hot.
Do you mind the AC turn on? Number three… Again: yesterday temperature 90
degrees Wow.. I went out running. When I finished,
sweating! So I hope that helps you practice those signs! Again: Summer, hot,
and sweat. For more summer signs, I have a different video you can find it right
over here!>>Thank you for watching. I hope that you
enjoy your summer!

7 Replies to “ASL Signs for SUMMER, HOT, and SWEAT, + Practice sentences!”

  • You're so beautiful 🙂 I love these videos. I work at a gym and there is a deaf man who comes everyday and I'm able to talk to him because of your videos, there is no better feeling than that! Im a personal trainer so I'm hoping I can train him soon! All in ASL! I love that you do these! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi Meredith, I started to learn ASL a month ago, I'm so glad I found you. Your YouTube videos have a lot more colorful and have positive energy than others, I enjoy learning from you. Since I self-learned, I have a few signs I need you to clarify, it looks similar to me. Also, could you make the video of opposite meanings of signs so that I hope I remember it easily.

    –opposite meanings–
    Close to-near/far
    Already/not yet

    –similar looking signs to me–
    Number "6"/finger-spell "W"/Wednesday
    Check in/out (hotel)
    Number "20"/finger-spell "G"
    (Sports) Play (game)/player (a person)
    A person/the person
    Many/Much, a lot
    Same old things/still

    Thank you so much! I look forward to watching new videos from you.

  • Hi Meredith will you do more signs with sports i have a deaf friends joining the high school softball team and i want to be able to communicate with her better and sign what the coaches say

  • Lost most hearing military service connected. Now 62 age. Cochlear implant 2 years ago. Need to learn ASL. Your videos with Closed Captions (CC) are the only ones that help me learn. I need to read as you teach. Without CC I'm lost. More CC videos Please! Thank you for the free lesson videos. 👍🏽

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