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ASL Search Using Shaw BlueSky TV

There are three ways to search for your favorite shows, movies, Networks, actors and sports teams using the BlueSky TV remote You can search from the main menu while you’re in the guide listings and when you’re watching live TV In each method you use the alphanumeric keys on the keypad to enter your search term, just like you would when using a phone For example to search for Game of Thrones Enter 4, 2, 6, 3, to enter a space use the zero button To search from the main menu press the SHAW button on your remote using the arrow keys Navigate to search and with search highlighted press ok on the remote Enter the numbers that correspond with what you’re looking for as You enter numbers they appear at the top of the search screen The search will suggest titles that match your entry so far When you see the title that you’re looking for use the down arrow button to highlight a search result Press the ok button to choose a search result To search while you’re browsing the guide Hit any number key at the bottom of the remote and using the same alphanumeric search simply enter the channel number Network name or show name that you’re searching for and blue sky TV will make suggestions based on the numbers you enter To search while watching live TV Press the number buttons on your remote to open the search box Search just as you would from the search menu or in the guide using the number keys As you enter more numbers search will continue to suggest programming that matches your entry When you see the program that you’re looking for use the arrow keys to highlight it and press ok on your remote Or Press exit to close the search box That’s all you need to search for your favorites using your Shaw Blue Sky TV remote For more information and additional support please visit

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