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[ASL] Rikki Poynter – Social Media Signs in ASL

Hello. For this video, we’re
gonna do a fun video. Because we like fun, right? I think so. So I’m not really
going to teach, but I wanted to explore
the different ways to sign social media signs. So I’m going to show
you what I’ve learned. What people have taught me. ASL is obviously going to be different from BSL, different from Auslan. Even ASL is going to be
different from other ASL, right? (coughs) So for the other Americans out there. The way I sign it, the way I learned. The way my fluent Deaf friends. Fluent in ASL Deaf friends sign it may be different from you. That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It just means that regions are different. So, let’s start with ‘social media’. Because social media, right? So the way I actually just learned it, I just looked it up. Social, with the internet. Social media. Makes sense. I know a friend of mine
actually fingerspells it. I like ‘social media’ better. That might be because my fingers are too stiff to fingerspell all the time. So, social media. And then we have ‘Facebook’. I think I’ve seen one person, a couple people on the
internet go: face book. And I feel like that
looks a little weird. I personally, the way I’ve learned it from everybody and
the way I really prefer is just doing Facebook. I think it’s simple, very simple. Just Facebook. I think it’s better than ‘face book’. For Twitter, you could fingerspell it. I’ve seen that. At my new station, at DTV
news we often spell it. Some… Depending on the anchor, they spell it. I like this. Because Twitter, the bird tweets. You send a tweet, birds go tweet, tweet. Or chirp, chirp, whatever. So Twitter. It’s kind of like ‘chicken’, just… I like it that way. ‘YouTube.’ When I was at VidCon, my interpreter, both of my interpreters fingerspelled it. And then I taught them
another way to sign it, which is you take the Y. Because YouTube starts with Y. And you know how you film, this is film? And you know… Except on this hand. Movie, film, whatever. On this hand, film. I’m trying to explain technicalities of a language or something, anyway. So instead of film, you take the Y in YouTube like this. Am I in frame? I am. So it looks like this, YouTube. I like it. Internet. Or if you’re at social media, media, internet for internet. I’ve seen both this… And this… ‘Email.’ Sean Forbes signs it a
different way, I believe. I, however, learned it this way. ‘Snapchat.’ I’ve only ever seen it fingerspelled. So Snapchat would be S-C. Snapchat. Snapchat. ‘Instagram.’ I-G. ‘Vlog.’ Boo. Vlog. Vlog. Which almost looks like, “Surprise!” No, vlog. The other one is ‘blog’, but I’ve never seen a sign. I looked it up. There’s no blog on it. So I’m guessing you just fingerspell. Oh, that’s kind of fast. B-L-O-G. B-L-O… Well now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t do it anymore, but… B-L-O-G. That’s actually not so hard. B-L-O-G. That kinda works, that kinda works. B-L-O-G. Vlog, vlog. That one’s a lot harder. (chuckles) We’ll just do that. So that was fun. My cat’s doing something. If you go into comments, do a clip and tell me how you would sign this. I think that would be fun. Let’s make this an interactive game. Okay? And I’ll see you later, bye.

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