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How To Learn Sign Language


Hey guys So I get a lot of questions about what is PSE Or what is the difference between PSE and ASL So today I am going to do my best to try and teach you So lets get started! I want to start off by saying That I am not formally educated I taught myself on the internet Like I’ve said a thousand times before But, yeah If I am wrong about some things Just tell me nicely in the comments you don’t have to be rude or mean or Anything like that just nicely tell me I used a lot of different sources but I’m going to link the one that I found most helpful down below So if you want to look at it yourself or something go for it First off ASL is
typically used by people who are born Deaf and their families and things like
that Also it’s what normally taught in
schools if you were to take an ASL class. When you sign with ASL you’re
signing the basic idea of the sentence You don’t sign it word for word for word for word You’re just signing like what it means. ASL has its own signs, grammar and syntax Which means like sentence order like the word order in a sentence Secondly is PSE it’s what I use It’s used a lot as well by deaf people
people who become deaf like later in life Or people like me who are learning It’s my understanding that some if not
most deaf people will understand PSE PSE signing is less conceptual and more just plain English It uses ASL signs and ASL grammar but spoken English syntax Last is SEE signing or S.E.E signing SEE is used less than the other two but it’s often used in teaching or like school That way like deaf kids can learn
english grammar and syntax better Also with this some deaf people will
understand and some won’t SEE signing really isn’t conceptual at all it’s really just English with your hands It uses English signs English grammar
and English syntax Spoken English Syntax So to help you
guys get a better idea of what I mean by signed grammar and syntax I’m going to
show you guys some examples If you want to say beautiful in the three different types of sign
language, This is how ASL would sign “beautiful”. That’s it. PSE would also sign “beautiful” However SEE because it uses
different signs you would sign beauty and then fingers spell out -ful So ASL and PSE use the same signs while SEE makes them a little bit different Now an example of the grammar. Say you wanted to sign running in the three different sign
languages. In ASL you would sign “running” In PSE, you would also sign “running” But in SEE you would sign run and then fingerspell I N G to show that it’s in progress, Like a gerund or whatever Whereas again, ASL and PSE use the same grammar SEE is a little bit different Lastly I’m going to show you an example of the syntax. Say you want to sign, “I go to the store” In ASL, you would sign “Store I go” IN PSE, you would sign “I go store’ In SEE, you would sign “I go to the store” So with the syntax they’re all a little bit different So I hope this kind of clear things up a
little bit. I know it’s still really confusing it’s a sort of complicated
idea of the different sign languages If you’re still confused go ahead and
read the site i’m linking below Because it really helps I think. I really hope I didn’t confuse the crap out of you guys. I love when my neighbors like drive past me and just like look at me They like slow down their cars just gets weird…(sighs) Thank you guys a ton for watching I hope
this helped, I really hope it did. (sighs)…Bye!!

100 Replies to “ASL? PSE?? SEE???”

  • I am just a beginner also, but pretty sure you need to do the sign for SIGN the other direction- towards yourself. when the motion goes away from you it means roll.

  • I'm in My last semester in community college but I understand everything you're saying!; You're amazing and your #bodakyelllow video was amazing

  • Would you recommend learning PSE or ASL first as an English speaker? I am 16 and really want to learn, but im not sure which one to learn first

  • Great video. I am just starting to learn signing and was wondering about the difference. Totally understand now. I do notice that it seems like everyone has an opinion about how you should sign. Kind of judgy. I am hearing. I am teaching myself to sign using internet. I'm learning to help with my ADHD. Right now I use ASL but sign in English order because that is what I know. People say deaf peole won't understand me but that isn't true because they read and write in English. And I understand people using ASL even though I speak English. All the politically correct stuff really take the joy out of learning to sign. People really need to relax.

  • So do you flip everything In ASL or just enough that it’s matches the sentence structure? I know it’s time-topic-comment but, are there instances where PSE and ASL will match with the structure as well but ASL still only doing basic idea not word for word?

  • i want to learn sing language. I already know English and Spanish. I want to learn sing language, Japanese and korean

  • Is there different ways to talk sign language if it is in another talked language? I mean, does spañish sign language its different from english sign language?

  • I kn this is a late question, but I would love to know if you can use ASL or PSE in different parts of the world. like how English can be used, even though a select ew words may be different, but is a conversation possible between BSL and ASL or Indo-Pakistani Sign Language and ASL, etc etc???

  • Thank you so much! I was confused on what all of these meant and this helped so much! Keep making these videos!

  • My mother's deaf and my father's heard of hearing (sted dad). My family and I use some sort of random signing, that we came up with in the family. We use alot in the family from shorter versions of normally used sign language. When it comes to me or my brothers when signing to other deaf people we tend to try using the usual signing other deaf people use.

  • i have been learning ASL we don't learn sign language at my school so i learn it by myself the same way as you but i don't learn with a class btw i'm not deaf i just want to

  • I am learning sign very slowly but I use PSE because it's what my aunt who is hard of hearing started teaching me. My uncle and aunt who are born deaf still understand and try to help me where they can in regards to recognizing asl. Any tips to learn more on my own?

  • you're 2 years older now & you have been linked on my FB page… will help someone! <3 @ricoSacto #ricoSacto

  • So, i'm really interested on learning how to sign, which one of these would you recommend me , liKe the easier one?
    Also , i noticed that to maKe a full sentence liKe "I go to the store" you didn't put them in order, that's how it is? really cool. ThanKs!!!

  • I am not rude… But.. .Some of the songs, and some of the signs, you kinda do them backwards or make it hard to understand, when my friends deaf mom was teaching me, for learning, she did what you did, but brough her hand straight up to her temple, but otherwise, you confused me, I learned some, and otherwise… Good job!

  • Always always always make sure the websites you use are reliable. Stick with handspeak

    Also RELAX YOUR ARMS! You're doing great, but your elbows are driving me up the wall. Relax them <3

  • So I’m in the process of learning asl and every time I try to sign a sentence I feel like saying “why say lot word when few word do trick”

  • I am dafformed so how would I learn Certain signs, like the ones where you have to turn your hands to grab money. I cant turn my hands. I twisted my arm sideways to grab money.

  • I really want to learn Sign Language, but sure with which to start, I want one that is most commonly used, so im debating between ASL and PSE. I and my friend are teaming up to learn it so we could both practice together and learn, but we have no idea which to learn.

  • Thank you for making this my bestie and I thought we were learning ASL and then we thought it was SEE but now I have found out that we use PSE. So thank you.

  • Actually, I laughed from u signing "syntax". Ur face is like "Uuuugh, why do I keep repeating this??"
    It's fun.
    (I didn't mean 2 offend you, btw, so, I'm sorry).

  • You did great. Seems ASL is easier and better . My opinion. How long did it take you to be fluent un ASL? I need encouragement!! Im learning. Only been 1 week.

  • Love it! But usually in asl when talking about multiple things in different placements like in this case Asl would be to your right, pse would be directly in front of you and see would be to your left, just to get the diversity across

  • Thanks for this video!
    Here in France it's the same thing.
    FSL (French Sign Langage) has its own grammar and syntax, but a lot of people who sign song use "Français signé" (french signed), what means they use signs from FSL but in the classic spoken french syntax

  • Honestly I started teaching myself ASL and the grammar because if I do PSE first, I probably won't understand what someone's saying in ASL because it uses a different grammar. I hope to get it down before I switch to PSE

  • This helped a lot. I think I'm leaning more towards pse as learn. I thought I was more see, because I do use some extra words sometimes like "to" and "the" however, the more I learn and speak in sign, the more I notice I'm using pse. I'm still a complete novice though, lol! My signing is not great at all, lol!

  • OK I was watching you sign as you were speaking and i realized i understood most of the pse. I guess i thought i was speaking asl but this whole time it was PSE!

  • Could you do 'read all about it' I want to learn it for a talent show and I need your help. I have quite a long time to learn it and I would be so grateful!!

  • So basically ASL uses object-subject-verb word order kinda like German language, simple tenses only, while PSE uses English word order and simple tenses and SEE is a direct English transliteration. ASL and PSE are fast, SEE is precise. Interesting.

  • This is the first vid of you I've seen, and I subbed ASAP. Thanks SOOOOO much for signing and talking simultaneously. This is exactly what I need to help me learn to sign. Thanks again!!

  • After watching your video, I had to stop and thank you. This is the best video material besides music on the internet i personally like, entertaining, informative, educational, clear and full of great intention. Your production moves me as much as music. You are a very skilled person and use your skills incredibly, your presentation is remarkable. I don't know if they exist as yet, so i am putting in a request for some really slow basic beginner's videos. Which is probably harder work, yet perhaps of great benefit in getting someone who might be a slow learner or older aged, on thier way.

  • p.s. Your humility is endearing, the people slowing down to look are highly attracted to the charismatic element of someone expressing very REAL, in a driveway in front of the garage. It's a rare sight. I suspect it is appreciated more than you may ever know. You open a door of possibility . Keep up the good works.

  • Well I am learning ASL because I think it is most used. And right now I am a beginner but I wanna learn more of it.💖

  • I love your channel. I've been subbed to you for years, at least 4 years. Please don't delete these videos. You are very talented and a lot of your viewers appreciate that about you and are learning from you.

  • What I find most interesting of this video is that somewhere somebody's neighbors had to be confused as hell as to why the non-deaf hearing girl has been in the driveway for the past hour signing to a camera lol.

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