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ASL Practice Exercise: Distinguish these Similar Signs by their Parameters!

Hi! So, you already read about handshapes, location, movement, etc. — the different parts of a sign? So do you understand?
Now, we’ll test and see if you can recognize the difference between two
similar signs: Number one: DRY, UGLY, SUMMER. Again: Number one: DRY, UGLY, SUMMER. What’s the difference? Number two: ONION, APPLE. Again: ONION, APPLE. Number three: SCARED or SCARY, BREATHE. Again, to the side: SCARED,
BREATHE. SCARED, BREATHE. What’s the difference? Number four: CLASS, FAMILY. Again: CLASS, FAMILY. Number five:
LATE, NOT-YET. LATE, NOT-YET Number six: BATHROOM, WHERE. Again: BATHROOM, WHERE. Number seven: RED, SWEET. Again: RED, SWEET. Number eight: PLEASE, SORRY. Again: PLEASE, SORRY. Number nine: YOURS, MINE. Again: that’s YOUR / YOURS, MY or MIND. And number ten: SCHOOL, NICE Again: SCHOOL, NICE Okay and that’s ten questions. So I hope
that you got them right! You can check your answers down in the description of
this video — you’ll find answers, you can check them off. And if you like this activity, please let me know, and I’ll see you again soon. Thank you for watching and reading! Bye.

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