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How To Learn Sign Language


100 Replies to “ASL or PSE?”

  • YES! Around 9 mins, I completely agree! I am hard of hearing who was raised in a deaf & hearing world. I agree that being ASL, PSE or in-between is completely okay. Weather you are a ASL or PSE signer, you can understand each other. I am a PSE signer even though i've studied ASL I myself, prefer PSE. To this day some of my friends are ASL singers and they have never had an issue with me using PSE as I never have an issue with them using ASL. If anything is ever confusing, it's easy to ask questions to understand. When i saw the title to this video I was ready to get upset, but I didn't get upset. 🙂 This was well said and very clear with easy understanding. 🙂

  • i guess I've mostly learned PSE throughout my life too and when i took ASL classes in college i got more into classifiers and saw a little more of the ASL side. now I'm out of college and in an ASL academy and starting over from scratch and the new semester starts tomorrow where we get into more sentence structure and all the questions (who, what, why, etc) and I'm super excited to dive deeper in the language.

  • In all honesty I’ve learned a lot of sign by learning the songs in sign it’s really helping me and I do want to take a class but there are none around me

  • I have a question please reply : when going to major in ASL interpreting for college do you already have to know ASL before going into it ? I’ve always wanted to know that cause I really want to be an ASL interpreter but I have so much to learn .

  • Oh and can someone please help me learn more ASL ? Cause here’s the thing I want to take classes but in FL there’s is nothing at all !! There is no learning opportunities and it sucks ! Like ASL is a language too and it would be great to learn . I think they should have classes available for those who want to learn cause it’s hard for me . I’m going off of the internet completely and I learn best in a classroom and it’s so hard !! But I pick it up very quick but it’s just been so hard .

  • I really like your perspective on whether or not you should be able to use pse. I had a class where we got to speak with those in the community and the coda had a lot more strict ideas where some of the native deaf people weren't as strict. It was interesting to see.

  • I think it’s important to know that not everyone signs the same and will teach the same. ASL is such a beautiful language. I personally feel it’s important to know because it is a language and part of someone’s culture. To truly appreciate it you have to learn every part of it. For me, I’ve learned a lot but also about the culture and the community and for that Deaf people need to be given respect for what is part of them, which is why I believe learning proper ASL is important 🙂

  • I am deaf and I feel happy that more people are finding out more about DHH-Deaf/hard of hearing people. Grew up in a hearing family but more and more people are learning ASL to communicate with deaf people

  • I agree with your points learning ASL from a deaf person is really hard but it's really good. I do say the older deaf people are all about ASL like it's the way the grow up which I learn from. The new type of deaf people do look at English and ASL a little bit

  • i’ve been learning sign language since i was in 7th grade and i’m going into 10th and taking my first ASL class and im excited because like you i’ve been learning PSE for 3 years and i want to become an ASL interpreter or an ASL teacher and i’m extremely excited because i used to not learn ASL because i thought PSE was fine but now i’m like extremely excited because i’m finally starting my career and learning a language i’m passionate about

  • I think you’re handing all of this controversy crap so well and maturely. I’m so proud of you for standing your ground and being tough through it all. You’re doing amazing things 💜

  • I have tried to teach myself ASL through your videos and other videos but I haven't in a while since I been trying to learn French. I want to get back into ASL at some point because I feel that would be an easy language for me to learn and picked up because it is all visual and I am a visual learner.

  • Very educational I am glad you posted this. I am HOH and trained through a college program as an interpreter. Everything you said was spot on. Thank you for informing your followers and encouraging us to the best way. ASL is the better choice bet resources would be the proper way. I enjoy all your post and love how you have grown in beautiful language keep up the great work.

  • Hey i go to Harper in Palatine!! Im becoming a social worker that helps bridge the barrier between deaf/HoH/speech delayed kids and their hearing parents!! I've been losing my hearing very rapidly and you motivate me so much, keep it up and thank you!!! ❤❤

  • I have wanted/tried to learn signing for 20 years. I had no one to practice with, nothing stuck. music helped.
    I found you a few months ago. you have been so helpful. I love learning more about asl and pse. understanding the difference is new to me and your videos are informative

  • Libbey I found you by accident 2 years ago because I was looking for a specific person who signs songs (I still haven't found them) but I am so glad I found your channel.

  • Hey Libby 🙂 would you do a cover of "everyone is gay" by a great big world because my pride parade os coming up soon and i would love to be able to share the song in recognition of all us lgbt+ people. Thank you :)))

  • I’m so shook that people are mad at you because you’re trying to learn more about another culture and teach others. When I have deaf or hard of hearing customers that I can sign a little to, their faces light up. How are people going to be ANGRY that you’re trying to be inclusive? Lmao. Like do people get pissed off when people learn Spanish/English/German? Like. I’m genuinely just confused by this.

  • pigeon sign language!!!!!!! i thought it is PORN STAR EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!! damn urban dictionary!!!!!!!!
    well done………….let them be involve………….nxt………..that necklaces 🙂

  • You inspired me to start learning sign, I'm actually happy at that fact because I meet a deaf woman and I could (kinda) communicate with her, thank you you're awesome 💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💟❤💜💖💟❤💜💟❤💜💖

  • I have been wondering this for a while. When you sign a song do people sign if more English or more ASL? Or does it depend on the spectrum like you were saying?

  • I know you’re not a teacher but I’ve been learning along with you for the past few years (I think over 3 years now?) and it’s been amazing watching you grow and learn. Thanks for explaining this better!

  • Wow that’s crazy that ASL wasn’t recognized as an official language until fairly recently. This was such a great & informative video. hope you have an amazing weekend Libbey ❤️

  • You're a great teacher and I learned a lot watching this one. I didn't know what PSE was. Like I told you before in another comment on another video. I know ASL and so blessed to know it because it is a really cool language and it really don't come in handy sometimes. When I was a baby, we had a big book that we learned from, but now, I'm self teaching from YouTube and Google. I absolutely love watching you sign songs. You are awesome!! God bless!!!

  • This is a great video and everything I’m learning but not at the rate to help anybody or anything yet

  • Have you heard of HandSpeak. With this channel, other channels, and the website. I have learn a little ASL but I want me school to offer ASL classes but if they don't I'm going to try to learn it from one of my classmates mom

  • I appreciate you posting another video on this. I remember your original video and am happy to see your update. My daughter is hard of hearing, it's degenerative, and we've been told she will most likely lose her hearing at some point, but currently uses hearing aids. This is my motivation for learning PSE, why I was drawn to it, to simply be able to converse with my child with a system that simply seemed easier to learn. I can do that until I am able to find the right ASL resources. I also think it's worth mentioning that, if someone is wanting to learn sign language to become an interpreter or as a career, most employment opportunities in the US require an interpreter to pass an ASL certification of some sort, I think. Also, if a person who is certified in ASL should, at some point move to England for example, expecting to be employed as an ASL interpreter, Britain has it's own signing language called BSL (British Sign Language), as do various other countries who have their own. Completely different signing language. PS, I appreciate you mentioning that you use music as a tool to learn. I use music to learn different languages, spanish, greek, and signing, so I loved that you mentioned that. Thanks so much for your great videos!

  • Hi my name is Brooke and you're video was VERY helpful. I'm 12 and taught myself to sign the alphabet one night when I couldn't sleep. I've been wondering what the different types of signing are so u helped a lot. And can I just say, I, HONESTLY I SWEAR ON MY FAMILY, thought of wanting to make YouTube videos while signing to songs and YOU DO!!! ur Soo awesome thank you so much for helping!!!:)

  • I'm never thought I would use sign language that much when I started learning it 6 years ago. Boy was I wrong I teach Martial Arts classes and I use it to teach deaf students. I also volunteer at an Avation Museum I run our Max flight simulator yesterday (7/14/2018) a dad and son road the ride the son who was probably about 9 or 10 had to remove his hearing aids to be able to ride the ride which meant he was completely deaf I asked the dad if they wanted to fly or ride a roller coaster once I found out what they wanted to do I asked who was going to be flying cuz they chose to do a combat flight the dad told me his son would be after I got them buckled in the dad was repaired to translate until I went over and started signing to his son I did the entire explanation without saying a word doing this made both mother and grandmother cry they told me they had never had anyone speak directly to him everyone always spoke to them and expected them to translate they were visiting our Museum from out of town and the way I treated their son made their entire visit. Not only did one of Museum employees watch the entire thing but so did two other volunteers one being my supervisor and about 9 or 10 other guests so everything that I had done everyone said what I did was extremely touching. 4 people thinking about taking sign language classes there's a good chance you may end up using it more then you thought you would ever while I'm at the Museum I actually use it quite a bit I have done several tours in sign language including what I did today.

  • i really need to actually start trying to learn asl, i've been watching these videos for like 2 years now and i still haven't done much of anything.
    also, i hate learning different grammar. spanish is so hard for me bc i just can't with it… i do think asl will be easier on me, grammar wise, than spanish has been but i guess we shall see (whenever i start learning that is)

  • Alot of Interpreter's are hearing. And they do ASL. So why is ANYONE coming down on you for you showing us ASL. I am hearing and I'm interested in being an interpreter. In my opinion YOU'RE GREAT AT THIS! PLEASE DON'T STOP!

  • Is it relatively easy to learn ASL after you have learned PSE? As in would it be easier to learn ASL after learning how to use PSE? I am actually hard of hearing but I have never learned sign language but I have been wanting to for a while.

  • Thank you for uploading this, I used to watch your videos and feel really uneasy because of the promotion of PSE as a means of interpretation and I'm so glad you went on to attend college for interpretation to formally learn ASL and the importance of Deaf culture.

  • It's a very shocking fact that you need to encourage people not to be goats. Or just to accentuate it. This should be inherent from childhood. You have a very correct attitude in life. Want a wife like you)

  • Is there any way that you could start signing more in your talking videos? I am trying to learn to sign and watching other people sign while talking has been helping me a lot. I love watching your videos and I just want to see more signing. Thank you

  • Sorry this is way off topic..just wondering if anyone has ever said they think you look like the actress Hannah Murray from the show Skins?

  • In Poland the sign language is still NOT A LANGUAGE! When I say that I know 4 languages, people ask me: 'polish, spanish, english and what more' and when I say that Polish Sign Language, some of them say that it doesn't count.

  • I have been learning sign for about 30 years off and on with no more than basic until I got to middle school and what was supposed to be an ASL class, come to found they were teaching SEE not ASL. Very discouraging. I also like you enjoy signing music but because I only have an SEE background and some of the signs I learned in the past are considered old. I keep the art to myself out if not wanting to embarrass myself.
    Love watching. Keep posting.

  • Libby I love you so much. I started learning sign language through a video on Facebook not even a month ago. I found your videos three days after that and I've been using them and I've picked up so much already. I've started Signing when I speak and it's a tremendous help. I've wanted to learn sign language since I was four and never had any resource to do so. I've decided to go to school to be a sign and foreign language interpreter. Ive dabbled in language myself since I was three. On my own using the internet like you. Thank you so much you're an inspiration!

  • I‘m sorry for my Bad english,
    I‘d like to learn Signlanguage, but I‘m Not sure If i should learn asl or the german Version. Its much easier to learn asl because there are a lot of Videos, The german Version (dgs) is much more complicated (because there arent a lot of Videos) but I live in Germany.

    What do you think?

  • Honestly as a person without great ASL resources, this makes me very happy. Obviously it's just opinion but the spectrum concept definitely takes a lot of the pressure off being a perfect ASL signer right away💕

  • I’m currently learning ASL in college by a deaf teacher. She is amazing and funny and always has different ways of communicating with the class when we don’t know what she’s signing; she will write on the board or type when its on the big screen. And use a laser pointer to specify certain things. I’ve learned mostly words through studying myself and multiple channels (including this one) but now I am finally learning the correct syntax of ASL, and it just comes so natural for me. Thankyou for your channel and keep up the progression!

  • It was PSE for me. I had met some deaf people and wanted to learn sign language. It seems I started the same as that you did by just learning signs. My time was in the mid 80s so it was from books – no internet. The deaf people I knew were very accepting of PSE from me. I took a short 10 week course in ASL. I really learned from that that PSE was so far off from a "language". In PSE, I would sign, "I go to the store". In ASL, it was, "Store – I go". They still appreciated that I was trying and helped me much. Thanks for another great video from you.

  • I think that you should ALWAYS learn ASL grammar, syntax, etc. FIRST. It's a lot easier to understand PSE if you have a foundation of ASL. Where it is harder to understand ASL if you only sign and understand PSE. But in all honestly, as an interpreter, PSE is used most often, because it's faster to interpret. Deaf people realize that its faster to interpret PSE compared to ASL. ASL is a lot of ideas and concepts that causes your lag time to be longer. I have interpreted for people that are like 9th or 10th generation deaf and are SUPER ASL when signing. But I see PSE used most often

  • Im learning asl i started in june but then stopped and forgot alot of things so im starting to do it again but first im gonna learn asl then pse i want to learn both

  • Thank you so much for answering this question!! I have always really wanted to learn sign language, but I didn't know what to do. This helped a lot!

  • Oh good to know! I knew the grammar was different but didn’t know it had a name. You have been amazing in my children and I learning asl. I have a cousin who is deaf…..I am becoming hard of hearing (slowly over the span of several years due to ear problems I had when I was younger). We have been learning sign for 2 years now…recently stumbled upon you and the kids love watching you! We have in leap and bounds improved by watching you! 😍😍

  • I would love to learn ASL, I'm currently learning PSE, but I live in Germany so unfortunately I don't have any access to ASL classes… You inspired me to learn PSE though! I could have learned DGB (German sign language), but I use music to learn sign language and most German music sucks xD I'm thinking about moving to the US though, so maybe someday I'll be able to use my PSE skills or even learn ASL 😀

  • Shouldn’t deaf people at least be happy with hearing people trying to learn the deaf culture? Since we don’t HAVE to. I know that sounds so ignorant 🤷🏼‍♀️. I just started learning it. At least I’m putting in the effort.

  • It's kinda funny there's always that one person in the comments in this case it's someone asking someone who can't hear very well or someone who can't hear at all how they understood the video some can read lips. Please stop asking dumb and sometimes rude questions please don't be that person

  • Oh! This is so interesting! I didn't understand the difference at all… I mean, I knew it was something about english but… wow I was so confused hahaha. Thank you! Greetings from Spain! 💙

  • I am 13 and I am learning Sign Language online. I met a deaf citizen at the gracery store and she was raising money for her deaf school. I was so happy that she understood what I was signing. She told me that I was doing good and that I should keep learning. After that I have studied almost every day. I am no where near how good you are though.😂 You do inspire me and many other people I am sure.❤👍

  • I mean…idk how you even COULD get hate. Especially from deaf or hard of hearing viewers. You're championing the cause and spreading awareness. Privilege seems to be an issue across the board in America, these days. So for you to speak out in favor of playing on the same field as the native signers, that shows a dedication to the study and the community. Major props to you. And very informative! 😁

  • Pse makes more sense to me actually. If it is asl. why is it so messed up, Americans don't talk like that. I still don't get it at all.

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