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ASL Hangout | Learn How to Sign Colors | Sign Duo

hi everyone um I. It’s nice to see you guys okay sorry I just want to make sure it’s working alright so um happy saturday i hope you guys are having a good weekend or a good break from school or work today so if you’re new I I make vlogs with my boyfriend Ryan who is deaf every single week and we post here on youtube and we started these ASL hangouts where I teach you around 10 signs and i’m going to be teaching colors today. hold on one second let me just see if this is working or not to make sure yeah it should be working okay hi there um so I’ll be teaching you colors and then at the end I’ll teach a few signs that you guys will comment you guys can let me know what signs you want to know okay hi okay I’m good I know Ryan’s late hi Anna yeah Ryan couldn’t make it so he’s not here today he’s just running a little bit late so I’m just going to start teaching some colors. B-L-U-E. blue is going to be ‘B’ and it’s going to go back and forth blue and Y-E-L-L-O-W is the same thing like a lot of the color signs you’ll notice that are just like this with the letter so blue and yellow is a ‘Y’. this is the sign for ‘Y’ yellow and it goes back and forth so like a lot of signs do that then green if you guessed it is a ‘G’, ‘G’s like this green green and then purple. P-U-R-P-L-E is a ‘P’, ‘P’ this like this it’s like a ‘K’ but it’s upside down so make sure your positioning your positioning is correct ‘P’ purple purple and then we go on to different color signs O-R-A-N-G-E orange is an ‘O’ and it’s underneath your chin and you’re just going squeezing it kinda like you’re squeezing an orange orange orange and this is the same sign, yes, for the fruit O-R-A-N-G-E to to orange for the color and the fruit orange. R-E-D with your index finger going like this red red and I believe it’s from the red lipstick that women wear so red red and then P-I-N-K is the same thing same placement but with it ‘P’ pink pink um and also have black is your index finger going across your forhead it is the same sign for because B-E-C-A-U-S-E because black and someone somebody asked if like what’s the difference how can you tell ASL is really based on context of your sentence so it wouldn’t really make sense to say I want to go eat food black because I hung I was hungry so you would understand that black or because is different based on the context of your sentence and then gray is with the ‘G’ same placement gray just across your forehead gray and white white is your chest and your you have your palm like this spread out white white and and colors colors is this colors on your chin and you just move your fingers back and forth um Mick up baby ask where did I learned ASL I learned from my boyfriend Ryan he’s deaf we met in high school about I would say seven years ago and he’s taught me sign ever since we started out I started out learning from just the ABCs and then he would like teach me a few signs here and there and it progressively just got better and now we communicate like really effectively. effectively? okay so now i want to take maybe five five signs from you guys or five words from you guys that you want to learn and i can just teach you those signs so let me know and if not i’ll find the word generator and just teach you some random signs yes Annabeth I did learn in high school from my boyfriend Ryan what’s the Emily asks what’s the sign for love and there are actually three three signs for a what loved I’m already finding it love love it’s just your hands crossed over your chest love and then also love this is more I love you so you point your palm is facing the person you love love I love you guys left him with her love and love is a fist like you’re sending a kiss off to the universe love love and for the context of these different loves this love is more romantic love deeper love this is more like love you guys you know kind of not easy casual love love and then this is more like I love food or I love doing that I love love love love love hi Raina asks how do you sign remote like a TV remote remote is kind of like it’s the action you do when you use the remote so it’s like can you pass pass me the remote remote like you’re pressing all the buttons umm let me see Mryna asks, whats the sign for like as in, such as, I would just sign like like such as or a lot of people will sign for example that’s more clear so for example or examples what and you sign what your example is um how do you sign like or the same so this is the sign for like it’s like a ‘Y’ can you just go back and forth like Daisy what’s the sign for a P-U-M-P-K-I-N pumpkin is your fist facing downwards and with the P pumpkin and it’s kind of like this is the pumpkin and your kind of testing it and this is also pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin to two different sign and sign cat ask with this time for H-O-L-I-D-A-Y holiday is your ‘H’s kinda like your ‘H’s but with your thumbs up so kinda like you have like you have guns and your thumbs are both on your chest so holiday holiday also you can do vacation V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N just just be so vacation or holiday yep and that’s all the signs that I’m had to teach you today I hope you guys have a good rest of your saturday and I’m sorry Ryan was late but hope you guys learned a few signs from me so I’m going to be here next week on Saturday every saturday at 3pm and hopefully you next week Ryan will be here and you get to see his handsome face so I see you guys later. BYE!

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  • Just wanted to inform you that the I love you emoji is coming out soon so we don't have to make one by adding πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€˜πŸΌ anymore

  • trust, country, America, Spain (any other countries). What is Ryan's opinion on the best asl movies to watch? My favorites are The Hammer and "And My Name is Jonah".

  • Thank you so much!! Loved the video <3
    I'm so slow though, for some reason I was expecting the song "Colors" by Halsey. LOL

  • does it matter what hand you use to fingerspell? I'm both left handed and right handed so when I started learning asl I fingerspell with my left hand. does it matter what hand I use?

  • Hi Ryan and Ellen!
    Are there two signs for the color grey? The one I am familiar with looks like the sign 'doesn't matter' but the fingers are spread apart and are going pass each other. And were you nervous to go live without Ryan? I think you did a great job! I missed this live stream but hopefully I will be able to watch the next one. πŸ™‚

  • I've found someone who does some really good teaching!! I also have my very own book. I think I may even start a club at school, because I'm very passionate about this topic

  • I just found your channel and I am learning sign language right now. I absolutely love this and it helps me learn the signs so much faster. Keep up the great work!!! Love you guys. <3

  • I think it would be cool to see you and Ryan interpret a song side by side with you doing PSE and Ryan doing ASL so people could really see the difference

  • Can you do a video in how you talk on the phone or how you contact him?
    What if FaceTime didn't work ?

  • I love that you really care about your fans and the ask hangouts help me I really need to learn colors thanks so much I love you guys

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