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Hey folks! Thanks for tuning into the LMC studios. Today, we have an Amazon story for you. A dead woman won the lottery. That’s right you heard it, a death woman won the lottery. Who knew they could buy lottery tickets?
I sure didn’t. Anyways, Delaney is out on the field to give up that inside scoop. Off to you, Delaney Thanks Kyle-Leigh. We’re here with Madeline
who just won the Iowa Lottery And she’s going to tell us
what she’s gun a do with the money and how she did it. Oh yeah! And she’s deaf with her interpreter. So, how did you even win the lottery? I didn’t know that was possible. [Signing in American Sign Language] She said its not hard.
Okay It snot hard. Well, Any of us can do it then. Well, what do you plan to do with the money do you even need it Okay. She said she wants to do something with the money to I think that’s what she was saying anyway. Okay. That’s a that’s a good idea Have you ever though about investing in a that new thing, implant Oh, I think she said she wants to get one if her life isn’t good enough. But. Well I did hear it fixes your hearing, so that would be a plus I think that would be a plus yeah. Okay, we’re going back to Kyle-Leigh right now. Welcome back. Thank you Delaney, that was a truly inspirational story. I hope that she actually uses that money to invest in some hearing aids. Or maybe some speech glasses. Alright tune in next
week for a better story
than this one. Kyle-Leigh: Hi Folks, and welcome back
to the LMC studios. Today, we have an amazing story for you. Madeline has just won the American lottery. The first person in the state of Iowa
to do so in over 17 years. Crazy, right? Well, Delaney’s got the inside scoop to tell us just
what she plans to spend the money on, and what she plans to invest it in. Off to you, Delaney. Delaney: Thanks, Kyle-Leigh. Today, we have Madeline here with her interpreter, and she’s going to tell us all about her winning the Iowa lottery and what she plans to do with the money in the future. How are you today, Madeline? Interpreter: I’m great,
thank you for having me. Delaney: Oh yeah, no problem! So, what do you plan on doing with the money? Interpreter: I have a few ideas to share. She went to a Deaf school growing up.
The Deaf school is still there, but now the money is kind of low. I think maybe it would be a good idea to
give them some of the money I enjoyed my time there. Learning ASL, meeting new friends, Growing up signing, it was great. Delaney: Well that’s awesome.
That’s great to hear. Do you have any other ideas
for what you plan on doing? She has a family now, and she’s thinking maybe she’ll take
them to Disneyland But, she doesn’t know yet, she’ll see. Delaney: That’s awesome!
You always gotta go once! Are you still involved in the Deaf schools or the Deaf community? Interpreter: So yes, I’m still involved. In the Deaf community? Yes,
I am Deaf, so I’m a proud deaf person. My friends and family,
they are deaf as well But some of her family is also hearing,
and some of her friends as well. She enjoys sharing about
her culture and community with her hearing friends and hearing people For the Deaf school, I go every year to see friends, for a class reunion. I enjoy going and seeing everyone. It will be hard to do in the future
with the money issue. Delaney: Well, maybe some of that money
you won can help them out! Interpreter: I think yes. Delaney: Well, thanks for coming Madeline.
We’re glad to have you. Back to you, Kyle-Leigh! Kyle-Leigh: Thank you, Delaney.
That was a truly an amazing story. I can’t wait to hear more about
her trip to Disneyland, and how her investments go. To find out more about the
American Sign Language and Deaf communities,
please visit our website or look at the links below! Have a great rest of your day!

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