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How To Learn Sign Language

ASL Fingerspelling Practice + Do’s and Don’ts

Fingerspelling comes in handy everyday
in American Sign Language. ASL speakers use fingerspelling to talk about things
like brand names, books, movies and more. But there’s some very important do’s and
don’ts to keep in mind when fingerspelling. Let’s jump into Tony’s
sign language class and find out more. Hey everyone,
Maria here with TakeLessons Live, bringing you the latest language tips
straight from our virtual classroom. If you’re just starting to learn ASL this
tutorial will help you master fingerspelling quickly and effectively.
Keep watching to learn how to fingerspell and make sure to hit the subscribe
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more about fingerspelling in ASL. If you want to gain access to dozens of
free online sign language classes don’t forget to click on the link below
in the description box. These live classes will help you to master more of the basics of ASL. So go ahead and click on the link below and get signed up today.

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