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Hi my name is Eva and this is my dog Lucy and we’re going to be teaching you how to make a ” death by chocolate” mousse cake Its really good, its gluten free and dairy free, for all you gluten free and lactose intolerant people. its the bomb. so first what you need to do is get all your ingridients, its pretty simple. you need five eggs, twelve ounces of semi-sweet baking chocolate, six tablespoons of butter or, I like to use coconut oil because I think it tastes better. It gives it a better flavor, I think and it also just melts a lot easier. You need two tablespoons of olive oil and some raspberries and some powdered sugar. Then once you’ve got all your stuff you’re ready to go so first, when you make the cake, you crack all the eggs into a bowl and whisk them for about five minutes until they’re all fluffy and they double in size its a lot of egg and while you’re doing this, its easier to do it with two people because then you dont have to multitask you’re gonna want to melt your semi-sweet baking chocolate in a pan with the coconut oil and the olive oil until its completely smooth and all melted and then once you’ve done that you’ll want to let it cool just a little bit because otherwise if you pour it in with the eggs, the eggs will cook and you dont want the eggs to cook. so then, you’ve melted it and you’ve whisked your eggs and its cooled down relatively you pour the baking chocolate into the eggs and stir it all together so its a smooth, chocolate-y, egg-y mix and then you let it sit for a few seconds and you’re gonna want to grease an 18 inch pan, like a circular, glass pan that you put cake in Im not really sure what they’re called actually anyways, then you’ll pour all that batter into the pan and you’ll want to have preheated your oven to 350 degrees beforehand, I forgot to mention that previously But once you’ve got your oven preheated, you’ll stick the cake for about 18 to 20 minutes or until you can stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean that a really good baking tip for all you bakers out there and then once you have cooked it and it is nice and done you’ll take it out, and you’ll want to let it cool for a bit because if you put the toppings on right away they get all melty and not good so then once you’ve let it cool, it takes about an hour or so, it wont deflate or anything it kind of just sits, its very compact, very very thick chocolate so then once its cool, you can decorate it with the raspberries and make pretty patterns I did a 50 once for my dads 50th birthday with the raspberries, it was very nice and then you can sprinkle on top some powdered sugar, make it all pretty and then your done! and its really good and you can serve it with whipped cream or maple syrup or honey Also if you want some extra flare you can always add a little bit of lemon or orange zest and sprinkle it in with the batter before you bake it and then this cool mixture of flavors with the raspberry and the zest and the chocolate cake and then you’re all done.

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