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ASL Basics – Learn to Sign ANY Number in American Sign Language

Today’s video is actually the last in a
three-part series about signing numbers in American Sign Language. So if you
happen to miss the first two videos where I go over 1-20 and also 21-100, I really encourage you to go back and watch those first, because we’re
going to use what we learned in those two videos to be able to sign any number
in ASL. Let’s learn the basics! If you’ve watched the previous two videos and
you’re ready to learn how to sign larger numbers, let’s get on to it. The last
number that we learned in the previous video was 100, and I signed it two ways.
100 with a C, and 100 with bending your finger. So today I’m going to use the
bent finger for the hundreds, and the hundred are actually really easy
because you just combined 100 with the number that you want to sign afterwards.
So how do you think you would sign 105? 105. What about 115? 115. Can you think of
how to sign 125? 125. And let’s throw a double in there. How about 144? 144. And
this pattern actually continues when you go up into the higher hundreds. So for
example, if you wanted to sign, 222, you would do 222. If you wanted to sign 357,
you would do 357. What about 999?
Well, 999. If we wanted to count into the thousands we just keep building upon the
numbers that we already know. So for the sign 1000, you would just sign 1,000
2,000 3,000 and you just keep going up. So how about we practice the number
1,333. 1,333. Let’s try 5,545. 5,545. It’s
actually pretty simple once you get into the rhythm of things, and if you wanted
to sign 10,000 or 100,000, you would just do 10,000 … 100,000 or what about the
millions and billions? The way I picture is that for 1,000 you have the comma and then you have the three zeroes. So that comma is when your hands meet. So
for million you actually have two commas, so for the sign 1 million, you
would do two taps with your hand. And for billion, it would have three commas.
So you would do 1 billion with 3 taps on your hand. And if you’re signing a
number that’s bigger than the billions, then you’ll typically see this sign …
which is just kind of this unsurmountable unimaginable number.
Remember I said any number, so let’s go ahead and try one real big one together.
That number is going to be 5,045,122. So it would be 1,045,122. Let me know in the comments down below if you were able to sign it on your own. There you have it putting everything we’ve learned together so far
now you’re able to sign any number you want in American Sign Language!
If you’re interested in learning more about numbers and sign language like how
to sign negatives or fractions or decimals or any other kinds of math
signs like, adding and subtracting dividing and multiplying, please let me
know in the comment section below and I can cover that in a future video. In some
of my previous videos I’ve covered things such as the alphabet the colors
animals I’ll have links for those videos in the card above and also on the link
in the description below and I’m sure you know that the best way to learn a
language is to actually use it, so please share this video with somebody that you
know, so you can practice signing these numbers together. I hope
you enjoyed watching and learning through this series with me and if you
found this video helpful, please like and subscribe and until next time, I’ll see
you later!

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