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ASL Basics – Learn to Count from 21-100 in American Sign Language (part 2 of 3) 1-100

Welcome to another episode of ASL basics.
Today is actually the second part in a three part series, last week we went over
our numbers 1-20. If you’ve missed that episode, I would encourage
you to go back and watch it so you can learn your numbers 1-20,
because today we’re going to be going through the numbers 21 to 100. Let’s
learn the basics. Before we get started, if you’re finding these videos helpful, please hit that like button and subscribe and also click that Bell
notification so you can be notified when a new lesson goes up. And let me know in
the comment section below what got you interested in learning sign language?
Okay, now that we’re all done with that let’s go ahead and learn some numbers.
For the number 21 you just do this, 21. Going on to 22 you’ll do make
the two handshape and you bounce it, 22. And just a forewarning, this will be the
same for any repeating double digit number. So for example, 33 will be 33. 44,
55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. So now that we’ve got the doubles out of the way, we’re gonna
move on to 23, so you’ll make the handshape for three and you’ll
wiggle your middle finger for 23. So 24 is actually another one of those signs
that you will see multiple ways the first one I will show you will be the
proper way or the formal way, and then I will show you some other ways that you
might see it. So the formal way would be 24 with the L-shape for 20 and then the
number 4. The more casual way or the other ways that you may see this number
will be 24, or 24. But from here on out I’m going to be signing the 20s with the
L handshape since that’s the more formal way. Moving on we have 25, 25. The numbers
26 through 29 are actually pretty straightforward, we’re going to continue
to use that L shape as I mentioned before so we’re going to do 26, 27, 28,
29. Next we have the number 30. 3 – 0. So for the 30, 40, 50, as you go up in
tens you just make the first number and then follow it by a zero. So for 30, 40,
50, 60, 70, 80, 90. Great! So for the rest of the numbers it’s just signing the first
number followed by the second number. So for example, you have 31 you have 32, and
remember with doubles you bounce the number. So 33, 34, 35, so on and so forth
and you can count your way all the way up to 100 that way. So that only leaves
us with the last number 100. You’ll see this two different ways and I’ll show
you both, the proper way is 1 – C. Think of like one century, one hundred, or
for shorthand, 100. So congratulations, now you know your
signs from 1 to 100, that’s incredible! In the next video, which will be the
final part in this series, we will put everything we’ve learned so far together
and I will teach you how you can sign any number, that you want that’s right,
ANY number. If you’ve missed any of my other previous videos, I’ve done one on
the alphabet, and on animals, and on Colors, feel free to go back and watch those for
yourself. You can get to them in the card above or in the link in the description
below. So I encourage you all to go out there and use what you’ve learned so far
practice with your friends and practice with your families, and if you’re that
kind of person you can go show off all the signs that you know. If you found
this video helpful, please hit that like button and subscribe, and until next time,
I’ll see you later!

2 Replies to “ASL Basics – Learn to Count from 21-100 in American Sign Language (part 2 of 3) 1-100”

  • Hey chris, I did shared your vid. What tags are you using? ASL Lessons would be a good one. Also this title and also you can try to out do 100 signs you need to know, also asl for beginners, easy asl, sign language made easy. Also include your channels name and your instagram name in the tags. Meta tags are great for google searches too and include them in Twitter with hashtags. I hope this helps. I learned sign language when I was 10. My mom said when we learned this language then God would send someone to use it and keep learning. I made 3 friends at summer camp who all signed and one was deaf. I was happy to be able to communicate with all of them. It is fun to sign at school too.

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