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ASL Basics – Learn How to Sign Numbers 1-20 in American Sign Language

Welcome to another episode of ASL basics. This is actually going to be the first video in a three-part series and we’re
going to be learning our numbers. So for today we’re gonna learn numbers 1
through 20. In the next video we will learn our numbers from 21 to 100 and
then in the last video of the series we’re gonna learn how to sign any number. So with that being said let’s learn the basics. Before we get started with
learning our numbers I just want to forewarn you that there are some numbers
that have variations, and some people will sign them differently, but don’t
worry I’m going to go over them as we go along through the numbers. So let’s go
ahead and get started. 1 2 3 so notice that I don’t do 3 like
this particularly because it looks like a W so in American Sign Language we sign
3 like this. 4 5 6 7 8 9 so one way to remember which finger touches the thumb
is 6 is the smallest number of the set so 6 and the pinkie are to start 6 7 8 9
and if you’ve made it all the way to 10 you give yourselves a thumbs up 10. Okay
we’re halfway there already so let’s go ahead and continue to 11, you just flick
your index finger like this 12, you flick two fingers. For 13 it’s kind of like the
number 3 except your palm is facing you and you wiggle your 2 fingers on top. 14
you tuck your thumb in and 15 you have your thumb out. So remember earlier that
I mentioned that there are some numbers that are signed with different
variations so the first time I’m going to show you the number 16 through 19 is
going to be the formal or the proper way and then I’ll show you the more casual
way that you’ll see it more commonly. So for 16 it’s ten six, you twist the
wrist, ten six for 16 17 18 19. So the more casual way will be just flicking
your wrist 16 17 18 19 and sometimes some people will shorten it even more to
just one flick 16 17 18 19. So congratulations on making it this far
just one more number and that number is 20. great now you know your numbers in
American Sign Language one through twenty. In the next video we will be
going through our numbers 21 through 100 and if you’ve missed in any other
previous episodes of ASL basics you can get to them in the card above or also in
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