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ASL Basics – Learn How To Sign 13 Colors in American Sign Language – ASL

Hi, welcome back to another episode of
ASL basics. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to the channel, and today we’re
going to be going over all the signs for the colors. So let’s get back to the
basics. So as I said before we’re gonna be
learning the signs to colors in ASL and as always please copy the signs as
you see them. This is going to really help you remember the signs but also
help you produce the signs more clearly. So we’re gonna start with the color red,
red. So this next color orange is actually going to be the same sign for
both the color orange and the fruit orange and the sign is orange. So these
next four colors are actually gonna be pretty easy for you if you already are
familiar with this the alphabet in ASL. If you aren’t I actually made another video about that we’ll go over the alphabet A through Z
and that will catch you up. So for the color yellow you just make the letter Y
and you shake it yellow, and again if you’re familiar with the alphabet green
is actually really simple to remember too because, it’s just the letter G and
you shake it green, and next we have purple so P for purple. For the color
blue you just make the letter B with your hand and you twist it blue. So for
this next color I’m gonna actually let my daughter show it to you, so there you
saw black you just draw a line across your forehead black. So for the color
white you just take all five fingers and you go like this white white. For the
color gray you just imagine black and white mixing together to make gray
gray. Okay we’re almost there it gets four more signs, so this is brown and
this is the sign for brown you make a B and it goes down your cheek brown. Next
is tan so again you use your letter T and you go down your cheek for tan. So
now a couple shiny colors the first one we will be signing is gold, so you’ll do
the I love you hand shape you take it to your forehead and you go down gold, and
silver is signed similarly so instead of doing the I love you shape it’s
just your finger and you make an S silver. So there you have it now you know
thirteen signs for thirteen different colors in ASL. So if
you’ve been following along with the series understand that now you know over
50 signs in ASL that’s awesome! So if you happen to have missed one of those
videos I actually have a link to the playlist of ASL basics we cover the
alphabet, we cover the animals, and of course today we have gone over colors. So
all those two combined you’ve learned over fifty signs. So what kind of signs
do you want to learn next? Please let me know in the comment section down below
and if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe and until next
time I’ll see you later.

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