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ASL Basics – Learn How to Sign 13 Animals in American Sign Language – ASL

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another
episode of ASL Basics and today we will be focusing on animals. If you haven’t
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can be updated when I release new content, but with that said, let’s get on
to the basics. Okay so let’s go ahead and get started, and remember to follow along and shadow the signs as you see them. That just means that you’re going to be copying the signs as I’m signing them. That’s going to help you remember the
signs that you’re learning, and it will also help you produce those signs even
more clearly. Okay so the first sign that we will be learning today is cat, so this
is actually signed two different ways one handed and two handed, and for this
sign just picture the with whiskers coming out from the nose of the cat. So
with one hand cat or with two hands cat. So of course we’re gonna do dog right
after cat, so for dog you just slap your knee and you snap your fingers or,
sometimes people will just snap their fingers for dog. For bird actually just
think of the birds beak tweeting like this. So for cow you just think of the
cows horns, and sometimes you’ll do it with one hand or others will do it with
two hands cow. So we’re sticking to the farm on
this one, so we’re gonna learn the sign for sheep. So for sheep it’s actually
tied in to them being sheared, so think of having some shearing scissors and
you’re shearing their coat off sheep. So for pig I actually just try to think of
the mud that kind of gathers up on the bottom of their chins or their snout, so
for pig the sign is this pig. For bunny or rabbit you’ll see it signed two
different ways. The first way is bunny, just think of as ears flopping up and
down as he hops down the trail, and the other one is bunny with his ears
flopping again up and down. So for horse think of the letter H and again ears, so H for
horse. Monkey is actually kind of a fun one to do because you’re just kind of
pretending that you’re a monkey, you’re just scratching your sides like
this monkey. So for elephant you’re actually going to
see the sign and you’re going to think wow that’s really obvious why, because
it’s based off of his trunk so the sign for elephant is this elephant. So going
from the really big to the really small, we’re gonna learn the sign for a
mouse. So for that I just think of a rodents nose Mouse. So hang in there guys
we just have two more signs. So the sign for turtle is this just think of its
shell and his head poking out, turtle and last but not least bug. So just picture
an insect or a fly or something flying on your nose
bug. Congratulations for making it to the end of the video, and now you know
thirteen signs for animals that are used in everyday conversation. So now you can
talk about your pets or your last trip to the zoo or whatever it is that you
want to talk about. If there is a sign for an animal that you didn’t see in the
list today, please let me know in the comment section below.
Perhaps I can cover that in a future video. So if you haven’t seen it already
I’ve actually made a video going through the alphabet, A through Z in ASL and in
that video I give four really solid tips on how to improve your finger spelling. So if you haven’t seen that already or if it sounds interesting to you, you
can get to it by clicking the card up above or in the link in the description
below. So if you found this video helpful at all please hit that like button and
please subscribe to the channel until next time I’ll see you later!

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