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ASL Basics Goes to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo – Animal Signs

Hello everybody! This is another episode
of a ASL Basics, we have traveled all the way to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, and we’re
going to learn some signs for animals. Hello everybody, this is Chris Gorges
from ASL Basics, and we are here at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Behind me you can see
the Rhinos, and I’ll show you the sign for Rhino. Rhino, or Rhino, rhino. Behind me you can see an elephant, this
is the sign for elephant, for its trunk. Elephant. Right there you can see a
cheetah. Cheetah. I know it’s a little hard to see, but
behind me we have a female lion. So the sign for both female and a male lion is
the same, it’s lion. L-I-O-N, lion. Okay, right behind me
you can see an ostrich. The sign for ostrich is this, ostrich. Well this is the closest
thing we’re gonna find to a hippopotamus here in Fresno, but the sign for
hippopotamus is like this. You can think of as big tusks, coming in. Hippo. Hello everybody, so one of the requests
I’ve gotten for the animals here at the zoo is flamingo, so this is actually
three signs for one bird. So, it’s pink, bird, leg-up. Pink, bird, leg-up, for
flamingo. Behind me right there you can see one of the requested animals so that
I’ve gotten on social media, meerkat. Meerkat. So you can look real closely
there’s a parrot, and that was one of the requests for signs. So the sign for parrot
is this. Parrot. Unfortunately, we got a couple lazy kangaroos back there, but the
sign for kangaroo is … kangaroo, or also kangaroo. Okay, so right there and down in the corner is an alligator. This is kind of a
fun sign to do but, alligator. Hello everybody, this is one of the
cooler aspects of the Chaffee Fresno Zoo, behind me I have a Giganotosaurus, I
think I’m saying that right. Giganotosaurus. So the sign for dinosaur
is, dinosaur. Run! Can you sign happy? -Happy!- All right! Good job!
Here we have a couple of sharks, the sign for shark is like this. You can
think of the fin going through the water. Shark. Can you say shark?
Shark! I hope you enjoyed coming with me and my
family to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, to learn all the different signs for
animals, and let me know in the comments if you like this kind of format, to go
out on location and to learn the signs. And if you made it all the way to the
end, understand that you just learned the signs for 17 different animals. That is
awesome! If you’ve watched my previous video, we’ve learned 13 signs, you
put all that together and you’ve learned 30 signs just for animals alone.
You’re really starting to make progress! If you happen to have missed that
previous video where I teach you 13 signs for common animals, you
can get to it in the card up above or in the link in the description below. And
also while we were there at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo I was able to meet up with
Courtney Hall, she’s a worker there that knows sign language and I did an
interview with her while we were there at the zoo, and I turned out really good,
and I’ll be uploading that tomorrow. And you can also get to that by clicking the
card or in the link in the description below. And if you don’t want to miss that
interview, be sure to subscribe and you can also click that Bell icon and that
will give you a notification when that interview goes live. And if you’re new to
the channel and you want to get caught up, I actually have a playlist put
together that has all of the ASL Basics lessons put together so you can just let
them play one after another. If you’re eager to learn even more, you can follow
me on Instagram at ASL Basics with Chris. And every day I’ll upload a new sign. And
again I really appreciate the support and hearing your feedback. For instance,
VSCO girl mentioned that, “I learned even more today thank you for doing these
videos”. Also, Rory luv, “thank you for your Channel”.
I really appreciate hearing from you and if you’ve been finding these videos
helpful, please let me know in the comments down below. So that it’ll be it
for today, and until next time, I’ll see later!

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