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How To Learn Sign Language

ASL Alphabet Set | Kaplan Early Learning Company

Introduce a unique approach to language and
literacy fun with the ASL Alphabet set from Kaplan Early Learning Company! Encourage emergent language development and
foster future reading readiness in children, 2 years and up, through visual and hands-on
learning. The ASL Alphabet set is one of a kind because
it can be included in an inclusive classroom with children who are hearing impaired. This set of 26 alphabet stones features an
impressed upper and lower case letter on one side and the corresponding American hand sign
language picture on the other side. Teachers can include the ASL Alphabet set
in the classroom to Offer tactile exploration by tracing letters
Build vocabulary Practice American Sign Language, and to
Integrate diversity and inclusion through academic and social and emotional learning For more information and to purchase your
ASL Alphabet set, visit today.

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