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How To Learn Sign Language

ASL Alphabet Lesson 1 The Alphabet (with CC)

hello Youtube my name is Elizabeth and I am going to be showing you the ASL Alphabet which stands for American Sign
Language the reason why it’s really important to know your Alphabet when you first start
of learning American Sign Language is because a lot of the words that you
learn are based off of the alphabet for example the sign for
silver you point to your ear, you take your S hand and you go down you kinda shake it down. So you point to your ear kinda like your pointing to an earing The you take your S hand and you shake it down likewise the sign for gold is pretty much the same thing except for you take your G hand and shakedown So your pointing again like you are pointing to an earing then you take your G hand and shake it down. See simple and if you memorized your Alpahbet it is really easy
to remember some of the letters as well so let’st started A, B C, Like this, C D, E, F G, Then G, you have your thumb like this kind of a little bit separate G, H you put your two fingers out and you
don’t have your thumb on there anymore H, I J, K so this way you have your thumb in between your pointer and middle
finger K L, M this one is Ia little hard for a lot of people I
know for me it’s getting easier as I do it but you put your thumb under your three
fingers like this M, N O P is the same as K except for its
pointing down P, Q is the same as G except for it is
pointing down R, S T and the rest is pretty easy and
selfish statutory U, V, W, X, Y and Z I see some people doing it Z too, but usually it is Z and you just spell Z kind of like J, Z. So there you go this is out first video and if you guys have any questions, or if you have any requests of words you would like me
to do a video on justly leave a comment below and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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