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How To Learn Sign Language

ASL 3 Final Project

my first question is what was the first
step school in America of circa 1870 I don’t know in 1817 yeah
that’s that’s really any long ago yeah I could guess that it’s in New York
I want to see it do you know the name of it I don’t know actually you already
taught me this one Gallaudet what is deaf president now and if you don’t know
what do you think it could be deaf president now what do you think that is
is that an organization don’t know it man
and I guess gas second organizationally helps preserve Deaf culture
oh I know all about the Deaf president now movement we watched a documentary on
it the Deaf president now movement it was about the students at the university
that banded together when they had assigned of president that was hearing
and they believed that was in right they needed a deaf president do you have any
idea it’s not an organization organization okay yeah if you had to
make a guess what would that word you say show me about it probably organization that’s trying to
find the next president I guess represent now it sounds to me
it’s like an organization absolutely absolutely yes yes yes it is a language so
particular well I know there are dialects well and like almost pretty
much all developed countries in the world have their own yeah yeah you know
language in colleges I think it’s just I think any form of do deaf people consider themselves to be
disabled I’m not a hundred percent sure if I have to take a guess I would say yes yes or no I feel like that’s a
really subjective question some people probably I really took like an impact
with disabilities class one time you know how some people feel like they
just say well but it doesn’t like you know actually about the world and do everything
to survive than other people I’d say natural but I think people that
like death could consider themselves but probably not I don’t think they wouldn’t
be really themselves I don’t think so I think I wouldn’t consider a sum disabled at all there’s also a negative
connotation cycle a commentator a negative stereotype that comes with
disabled as if they’re unable to do things like having interaction with that
like I know they’re just can you name one famous beverage just
off the time of my invoke the girl that Dudley she played the daughter and it
quietly asked I don’t remember I don’t know the actress is named Helen Keller in the modern culture now honestly the
first person who comes to my name is Helen Keller but I don’t really know
anyone who’s desperate in today’s times oh gosh I’m thinking this show I watched
but I’ll be back Travis I mean yeah there’s a Japanese animation or watch
that’s on this place with that I like Sunday i watch that yeah dancers like Helen color yeah like you
know oh there’s oh I don’t know his name but
he’s like this model you know talking about do you know the name I follow on
Instagram but I don’t know is Tammy to the same smile that’s right no DeMarco
okay yeah

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