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AquaHands: Learn to Dive in Sign Language

Hi, My name is Thomas Koch I’m the Founder and Owner of Aqua Hands I gave a deep thought and founded Aqua Hands Why did I start Aqua Hands? I have seen and experienced to different dive boat and dive training. I have always missed so many, there was no direct communication So now, I have grown many deaf divers who went through barriers and I broke the barriers. Deaf people have joined us and grow big deaf diver community Cool thing, I could teach you deaf people in the classroom, not. I teach underwater You all are deaf and signer can sign underwater while I teach I got my certification card for the first time in Thailand It was a milestone moment for me However, it was unfortunate that the dive instructor was hearing We had to communicate by gesturing It was pretty difficult where made it a little struggle. Now, I got my advanced certified with Thomas Koch I was overflow by his teaching and going back to where I learned with the hearing instructor that had little communication difficulty Comparing with Thomas Koch, he explained to me underwater and I understood completely with the importance of details as Scuba Diver. The communication of sign language made me more confidence as Scuba Diver. I went to the Dominican Republic to take my first Open Water class with a hearing instructor. As the class went, did I really know fully or understand fully what I needed to know? No, I did not. So I went diving and within 5 minutes I panicked and struggled with my learning progress becoming Scuba Diver. In later time, I switched and took the class with PADI Deaf Instructor, Thomas Koch. He taught me thoroughly and when I went diving and I forgot something I asked Thomas. He communicates with me underwater and explained how to do this and that. It was so clear that this communication we had. With the communication we had was really important. Now, this sign language – communication and how he use to teach and all methods to teach me. Amazing. Now, I have around 10 Deaf/Signer Instructor work for my company. Hi! I am Mindi Failing What’s Up! I’m Liz Jarashow Hello! I am Matthew Howdy! I’m Bobby Barden Hello! I’m Robert Hello! I am Jeffrey Hello! I am Ralph Singleton Hello! My name is Nick Hello! My name is Jed You can always contact us at Aqua Hands We will make sure we give you full access and direct communication to become a PADI Scuba Diver!

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  • Hi Thomas, Can you recommend a link/place for me to learn some ASL for scuba diving terms?  My husband and I have a scuba shop in Newmarket, ON, Canada, and we have good customers, Neil and Kimi who are deaf.  They are a fun couple, and I enjoy diving with them.  Neil has helped me learn some basic sign language, and I can find greetings and such on Youtube easily.  But now, they have some of their deaf friends coming to our shop for a scuba open water class.  They will have a translator, and Neil will assist, but I am trying to learn some things so that I can sign a little for them.  I know it's not a language to learn overnight, but I would like to surprise Neil and Kimi, and make our new guests feel comfortable.  For instance, sign language if I am demonstrating a giant stride? Clearing your mask?  Inflate your BCD?  etc….   These terms aren't easy to find!   Do you know where I could learn some of these terms?  I think we are all going to have a great time – I can't wait!  Thank-you.

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