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Applications in Communication Acoustics | RWTHx and TUMx on edX

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Sound is the essential
phenomenon that enables communication. But how does it work? What happens when we’re
speaking, and what’s the mechanism that determines hearing? How do machines communicate, and
how do we communicate with them? Understand the principle of
capturing and reproducing sound and get an insight into virtual
acoustics using acoustic simulation of environments to predict
how the environment will influence our communication. Learn about digital audio
and digital signal processing that we use in hundreds
of devices every day. Nine top experts of communication
acoustics from leading universities of technology in Germany
pooled their expertise in order to teach a comprehensive
introductory course and introduce you to the
current research trends. Join our [? look ?] to
discover the role of sound in communication, only here on edX.

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