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Angie Koh, British English Language Teacher

Hello, it is great to meet you. I’m Angie,
your British English language teacher. My one word that I live by is Inspire. So I would
love to inspire you and you could inspire me too.
Let me introduce myself and tell you how I can help you.
I love helping people, inspiring people, and I am a deep listener, very patient, and I
am a good empathizer! I would like to support you, help you to overcome
your fears and also be there to help you think in an unlimited way because the world is your
oyster, isn’t it? I am not so into tests or explaining grammar
in great detail. But what I am very passionate about is this:
I have years of research into health, nutrition, self-development, positive psychology, spirituality,
communication skills, overcoming low self-esteem, depression, shyness and insecurities. And
I am also learning about coaching at the moment. How to coach people to develop good habits
to make progress in their lives. And I can share tips about that too with you.
Actually, I am always teaching myself something new and useful every day because I believe
in lifelong learning. I am here to share with you my love for the
English language. My pronunciation tips. I can help you with editing, proofreading and
public speaking skills too. I have done thousands of lessons over the past 11 years of teaching
English. I don’t have that many students because many of them have stayed with me for a long
time and many of them come back to me after a short or long break.
So, it is really up to you how you want your lessons to be. I am very willing to tailor
make the lessons according to your needs. So, some ideas could be Ted talks based on
certain themes that you can choose or I can suggest, articles that you are passionate
about. I can create questions on points throughout the article and then we can discuss those
points when we get together. Doing this can help you develop your speaking fluency, your
reasoning ability, increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills.
What about presentations? And practising them several times and getting feedback on them
before the big day? I am really looking forward to meeting you,
so please book a lesson with me and let’s get started right away.

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