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Andy Warhol, Nine Jackies | Videos in American Sign Language

Andy Warhol was a Pop artist who was fascinated with the idea of portraiture and celebrity. He was also fascinated with media’s role in society. Here we see his painting titled Nine Jackies. We see nine individual silkscreened images and we see Jackie in different stages of emotion. In the first row, we see Jackie Kennedy,
the First Lady of the 35th President, John F. Kennedy (JFK.) She wears a big smile as they participate in a parade in Dallas, Texas. In the corner you can see a sliver of JFK, also wearing a smile. In the next row we see images of her face, frozen with grief as Jackie attends her husband’s funeral. In the last row we see more images of Jackie, grieving again. Here she stands next to Lyndon B. Johnson as he gets sworn in
as the 36th President of the USA. Warhol was fascinated with JFK and Jackie because they were quite aware of the role that
media played in politics at the time. JFK was the first President to serve at a time
when every house in America had a television. And he was adept at using TV and media to enhance his presidency. Jackie was also aware of the role that TV had in politics. This became clear at her husband’s funeral,
where Jackie put a lot of thought into the planning. One example of this was when she decided to have a black horse with no rider. As a visual symbol, this was quite powerful and
it was meant to represent a fallen hero—JFK. Jackie was also the person to create the concept of the eternal flame. It represents the impact her husband had on the country. It is clear that Jackie and JFK understood the role of the media and they transformed political science and history into art and narrative. Warhol challenges the viewer with this work and poses a question. Does the deliberate repetition of these images
make the viewer feel connected to the grief? Or does it gradually make us feel numb?

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