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Andy Warhol, Ethel Scull 36 Times | Video in American Sign Language

Andy Warhol created Ethel Scull 36 Times in 1963. Here we see thirty six different silkscreened paintings of the same woman. Sitting in different poses, expressing different moods. The story behind this painting is as follows: Ethel Scull was an art collector. She commissioned Warhol to make a portrait of her. She imagined he would make a painting of her at his studio. But instead, Warhol shows up to her apartment in a
taxi cab and takes her to 42nd Street. At the time, that area had many photo booths. The kind where you put twenty five cents in and
get a photo strip with four images back. Scull was a bit confused, but she went along with it. Warhol said, don’t just sit there do something!
Put your fingers through your hair. Smile. Pose. He was directing her on what to do. And we can see here, some of the photos are more reserved,
and some are more animated, flirty. What came out of that is a celebrity persona. And we see how Warml explored the idea of celebrity, of stardom. Scull was not famous. Warhol knew her from the art community. But through these images and Warhol’s style, she appears to be.

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