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Google’s Android 10 is now finally official, being released by the Mountain View giant, It is worth noting that this is the first version of the little robot that doesn’t have a dessert name. The company has also changed the brand’s visual identity to bet on more significant improvements for users’ lives. among the changes we have native 5G support and folding smartphones, improved night mode plus almost 50 extra new features focused on providing greater privacy and security. And you’ll check out the main features now in this hands-on by TudoCelular Just follow me in the next few minutes. When Google released the first beta of Android 10 one of the big novelties (much anticipated by users) was the dark theme now in the final version it is possible to darken the interface completely or choose a new theme just for specific apps like Chrome or Calendar. In display settings you can only enable or disable the dark theme for the entire system To control it independently you need to access the settings of each specific application. It is also possible to change the system highlight color, you no longer need to be limited to the default blue You can choose green, purple or any other color that suits your taste. This novelty is similar to what we have in OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and can be found in the new Developer Menu. Gesture navigation has been implemented in Pie and enhanced with Android 10; On the Pixel devices there are three navigation options to choose from to go back to the previous screen, just slide from side to center doing the same bottom-up gesture returns you to the home screen Switching between open apps just swipe left or right by tapping on the small bar in the bottom corner. Google Assistant can be accessed by swiping diagonals – it’s simple fast and intuitive. Android has gained the smart response feature in Oreo and now, in version 10, it uses machine learning to identify the links you receive per message; if a friend shares a video with you, he automatically will offer a shortcut to YouTube. The same happens when they invite you out – Android 10 will offer an integrated link to Google Maps so that in the conversation you find out where you have to go This avoids having to waste time copying and pasting messages between applications. Seeking to make Android more accessible to everyone, version 10 brings real-time subtitle support. With a single tap you can enable subtitles on video podcasts and audio messages and the best is, without needing internet connection. This can be done in any application and even with videos and messages recorded by the user himself. The feature debuts with Android 10 but will be available for the Pixel line only in the coming months. There is also text-to-speech transcription mode, which will allow people who cannot hear be aware of everything that happens near the phone like a bell ringing, a dog barking or a child crying. Also new is the sound amplifier for those who have a hearing problem In the accessibility menu you can access the feature that uses the phone’s microphone to pick up surrounding sounds and generate a filter that reduces noise and amplifies audio. Keep in mind that novelty is not meant to improve sound quality, as an amplifier does. Digital wellbeing has also gained improvements from Android 10, the new feature is distraction-free, which helps you optimize your time and get less distracted with applications that aren’t important at that time. Are you studying and don’t want to be bothered by friends on WhatsApp or get annoying Facebook notifications? You can control this individually – if you open any limited use apps you will get a message reminding you that distraction free mode is enabled. Family Link Parental Control Feature is now Integrated in the Digital Wellbeing and will also be available on Android Pie devices. If you don’t like sharing your Wi-Fi password with everyone that comes to your place Android 10 brings an interesting feature that will please you. You can use your phone to generate a QR code, Then just let the visitor scan this code so he or she will have access to the internet. With the update we also have 65 new emojis, including some genre variations of emojis already present in Pie. Android has long allowed users to determine what type of access an app can have on their mobile phone. many services today require knowing where you are and if you don’t want to pass this information At all times, it is possible to limit so that the application has access to it only when it is in use. This change gives you greater control and transparency about your privacy. Seeking to improve system security, now from Android 10 you can update important points of android directly through the Play Store, similar to what happens with apps on your phone. Google noticed that manufacturers do not always deliver critical security updates for users and decided to take care of the most important points of the system. The bad news is if you have a phone that was released with an older version and received the update for Android 10, security updates may continue at the manufacturer’s expense. Finally, Android 10 brings native support for 5G phones and folding models like Galaxy Fold. These news won’t make a difference to most people, but what changes is that if you are playing on a folding phone and switching to closed or open mode the game will not be interrupted. As seen, Android 10 comes more focused on accessibility and security, bringing just a few new features. The highlights for most users will be dark theme support and new gesture navigation, things we’ve seen on gadgets on the market for some time – that is, a sweet and salt-free Pure Android. But you may be wondering if this update brings performance improvements and batteries, right? What we have noticed so far is that there is no significant difference – at least here in Pixel 3a which, alas, received Dual SIM support with the update. But we will be testing again soon to see how the new version of the little robot is being used. If you have a recent model of the Pixel line you can already download Android 10 on your device. and if you have a third-party smartphone go to to find out when the news will come to you. The link is right there in the description. Please comment below which Android version you have – how long have you been waiting for an update? I’m curious to check out the answers until we see each other again in the next videos. A big hug and see you soon.

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