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Android 10: New Gesture Navigation and Dark Mode

Android 10 is finally out and we just
got it pushed to our Google pixel 3a which Google kindly gave us a few months
ago we’ve been testing out the 3a four a six months later review but I
thought it’d be useful to go over one how to get the latest version of Android
on your Android device especially right now if it’s a pixel and then second I
want to go over the top two features of Android 10 which in my book are the
gesture navigation as well as dark theme so let’s dive in alright first how do
you get the latest version of Android on your Android device
now when Google releases the latest version of Android they always go to the
pixel phones first because Google makes pixel phones so it’s very easy for
Google to roll them out to those phones now if you have an Android device from
other devices like Huawei Samsung Nokia etc what happens is Google releases
Android 10 then it’s up to your device manufacturer as well as sometimes your
cell carrier to give their stamp of approval and they’ll do add-ons and
customize it and add crap onto it and then it’s released to you if you want
the purest version of Android how Google intended it to be used that’s really
what the pixel phone is all about ok so enough about selling you on pixel phones
what you want to do is you want to go to settings scroll down to UC system then click
advanced and then click system update now if you
don’t see a system update don’t panic make sure you click that button in the
bottom right hand corner that says check for update now if it checks for an
update and no update is available hang tight
Android 10 was actually launched yesterday but we didn’t get an update
push to our Google pixel 3 a until about 7 o’clock the day after so once the
update is available I have to do is click to install go through the menus
and things that will pop up for us it took about 5 to 10 minutes to actually
install Android 10 again it’s got to actually download the update install it
on the phone and then restart the phone now when the phone actually restarted
you can tell right away that you are getting a new version of Android
Google’s logo for Android actually is slightly tweaked on the loading screen
for Android 10 if you’re interested more about that Google actually did a blog
post about it they’ve like tweaked the color for the Android mascot and the way
the mascot is incorporated into the Android logo and a couple other things
anyways it’s you’re interested about that I’ll link that blog post that
Google put out in the video description below now when we actually started up
our Google pixel 3 a one of the most shocking things with Android 10 right
off the bat for me was it looked exactly like Android 9 like maybe the font
looked slightly different there wasn’t any pop-up or anything that said hey
welcome to Android 10 here the top five things that you should check out that
you can now do like nothing and gesture navigation and dark mode weren’t even
things that were turned on by default there there was nothing pointing you to
where they are so that was something that I definitely thought is lacking
overall in the Android experience is being able to guide users at least on
the version that Google puts on the pixel phones is making it easy to guide
users through new features of the phone to go ahead and switch to gesture
navigation on Android 10 you have to go into your settings so let’s go ahead and
go to settings we’re going to go again to system and
then gestures and then click system navigation
this will bring you to a page that shows you you now have three options you have
the three button navigation that’s the good old-fashioned Android way to
navigate around a phone you have to button navigation this is what was
previously on Android nine and then you have the new gesture navigation now
gesture navigation basically brings Android a little bit more up to par with
some of the gestures that are currently on iOS so the biggest one for me at
least so let’s say we’re just on a screen here is the back swipe notice
there’s no more back button the only thing I wish they had that I feel like
you have on iOS for certain things is like say I went back here but I’m like
oh I didn’t mean to do that I can’t like I can’t swipe it forward it’s Android
isn’t set up the way iOS is where it’s like a series of cards that are like
stacked on each other so if you swipe one this way you can swipe it back like
on webpages yeah you can’t really do that here so how do you go home now how
do you go to the home screen well it’s actually a little bit simpler than it
was before you just swipe up now a couple other things one thing I really
liked about Android 9 was the favorites app dock and the way you get to that is
actually very similar you just swipe up hold about a third of the screen you get
a little vibrate click from your phone and there you go how do you get to the
app drawer well it’s the exact same way as you would before also notice how
snappy game to the app tour is I mean that’s I can’t tell if they’ve done any
performance improvements on the back end of the OS here but even on the pixel 3a
like the phone feels snappier going from Android 9 to Android 10 it’s not a huge
improvement but it’s nice to say the phone was slow to begin with I’m just
saying it if you’ll snap you’re after upgrade all right now last thing let’s
talk about the Google assistant right in to button navigation you have that
center button you click it and that would trigger the Google assistant well
in gesture navigation there is no more center button right it’s just screen and
then it goes to bezel basically what they’ve implemented is something akin to
the hot corners right you just swipe diagonally from the corner of the screen
and that will trigger the Google assistant all right let’s talk about our
second feature with Android 10 and that is dark-themed how do you get
dark-themed enabled well we’re gonna need to go to settings again this time
we’re gonna go to display and then you’ll see that dark theme should be
right underneath wallpaper or right around it go ahead and check dark theme
and that will enable dark theme for your phone you may get a pop-up that says hey
dark themes available for like these apps but some apps don’t support it yet
currently I think Chrome and Gmail and maybe there’s like one other actual
Google app still doesn’t support dark theme yet that support is coming and
those apps are supposed to launch with dark theme later on in September but for
now apps like Google Calendar those types of apps they work with dark theme
now let’s say though that you want a toggle dark theme on and off but you
don’t want to have to go into settings every time to do it well luckily for you
there’s actually a dark theme quick control so you just swipe down from the
top like you normally do go to your quick settings here scroll down you’ll
see that you have additional things that you could drag in tap and hold and then
drag dark theme in place it where you want it and then either swipe back or
hit that back arrow at the top of edit and now dark theme is in your quick
setting controls you can easily tap oh no more dark theme oh but I want dark
theme back tap it again now you have dark theme alright so
that’s just a quick rundown of how to get Android 10 on your Android device
especially if you have a pixel phone as well as my take on the top two features
of Android 10 again I really like gestures dark themes cool I’ll be even
cooler when more apps support it natively but if you liked this video
make sure to hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel if
you’d like to see more pixel and Android related videos like this one well thanks
again so much for watching, for 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder

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