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Android 10: Gestural Navigation

80 Replies to “Android 10: Gestural Navigation”

  • Guys just make the back gesture from the bottom right and/or left side to avoid all of this hassle. Also make sure users are able to configure these gestures (and hide the gestures line indicator.) For example, a swipe from bottom left could trigger the notification panel and etc. Looking forward for final release of Q.

  • The Fluid NG app already provides these gestures for older Android versions and has a nice work-around for app/system gesture conflicts. The back gestures only apply to the bottom half of the screen, I can trigger an apps hamburger menu by swiping in from the left on the top half of the screen. Really nice to get support for proper gesture navigation built in though, since Fluid NG is basically an overlay, it doesn't work on some more secure activities where you don't want a third party app intercepting touch events.

  • Google get rid of these stupid controls. this is far too confusing for app developers and the benefits don't outweigh all of the problems.

  • This is quite bad actually, more restrictions aye, also it goes against some of Google's own principles aka the sliding bottom sheet.

  • Make the bottom trigger area smaller please. It really annoying in landscape mode. Some game need to drag item from bottom of the screen and I ended up by swipe the gestures and make accidental exit games

  • wait, swiping in from the left? but that's already used for menus to appear :O :O :O :O

    edit: ye ok we can exclude the whole left part but that's gonna be very inconsistent with the system, I don't think u realise how much.
    wasn't the right to inward swipe enough for back?

  • Please add a way to view all of the gesture areas via the developer menu. It would help debugging a lot!

  • Basically very similar home gesture as ios but they do much better job with safe area to avoid issues

  • I wonder how will the Google Maps & Photos teams deal with this new gesture system, in terms of the vertical sliding.

  • This is solving a problem which shouldn't have existed in the first place. Dedicated navigation buttons don't create confusion or any conflicts, they just work and older users don't have problems with it.

    I seriously hope you backpedal on this one or you might end up with a lot of unhappy developers and even more unhappy users. Listen to our feedback now, so you won't have to make a blog post in 6 months.

  • This will be a disaster for screens around 6 inch zone. My thumb can't reach the left of the screen and this is fully unnecessary. Please do not make this mandatory.

  • This is getting ridiculous! Each android API has its own behavior now that differs from other APIs magnificently. This new navigation system is even more confusing for both end-users and developers. Even if developers try to error-proof their app's UX for various navigation types in different android versions, I can guarantee that it will be broken on some devices which are shipped with some random manufacturer's custom UI! The previous three-button navigation system was completely fine on Android and the only reason android developer team has changed that, is because of the new shiny gestures on iOS; which were completely suitable for iPhone but are absolutely unnecessary on Android. Because on iOS apps take care of back buttons themselves but in Android, a universal back function tries to manage a messy spaghetti of fragments and activity stacks.

  • When you make a promo video demonstrating apps you are going to break then things are about to turn out badly… This update seems to do nothing more than increase the amount of unusable space all around the edge of the screen and steal gesture support from apps and give it to the system. A window manager should not interfere in the content area of a client app. FYI Google UX designers – user friendly, well labelled system controls aren't a bad use of space!

  • I haven't used it yet, but I expect that the bottom slide gesture (home) would be erroneously fired when I try to scroll the page in a web browser. I know, because the same gesture often erroneously fired control centre on iOS.

  • Google,
    I love this gesture. Really really love.

    And, some android fans hate it. So if you dont mind, provide an option between traditional gesture and this gesture.

    For me ex-iphone user, im really looking forward to this gesture.

  • My other suggestions

    1. For the google search at the bottom of the phone, can you give option to us to relocate it or remove it.

    2. Or, can you make it like iphone, swipe at the middle of screen to bottom, can access to google search

    3. For google search, please redirect it to chrome browser starightaway or any other browser. Not in google assistanct like you do right now.

    4. please provide IN SCREEN RECORDING WITH SOUND. Exlcude the outside voice. The apps for this in play store cannot give satisfaction like iphone recording in screen offer.
    Please google, you can do better than them.

  • Hey google

    Can you make battery bar at the top more interesting to see.

    Like put the battery percentage in the 🔋 battery. Or make the battery change it color when it reach some percentage. Like white for 100-70
    Blue for 70-50
    Yellow 50-20
    Red 20-1


    You can remove the 🔋 icon at the top, and just give the batter percentage only with color inside it.

  • I feel like Google doesn't get gestures. The pill gesture was…usable, but had problems. This one is so confusing I don't even know where to begin. Samsung and Apple have good gestures. Be like them. I mean that as in good gestures. Rant over.

  • If back gesture area can be configured by devs and change app to app, how would a user adapt? Why won’t you just enforce a certain area for Back gesture (e.g. bottom half) and leave the rest for the app, making it consistent between apps?

  • MIUI/iOS gestures are king.
    Why are the stock android gestures taking up 5% of the display at the bottom?

    Please remove the navigation bar beside the navigation pill.

  • Thousands of people already use Android in this way. It's as eyeing the amount of downloads and the positive ratings that gesture apps have on the Play Store.

  • These gesture's suck… Not innovative, and the tiny amount of screen used by buttons isn't a big deal plus they go away with most screens. Just seems like Google is copying Apple… 🙄

  • Been using these on my pixel 2 XL and I got to say these are much better than the old gestures or the 3 button nav bar

  • Ok Google, but how I can get YouTube Premium pop-up window when going to home screen?
    For now there is only 1 way by making "back" swipe several times, but that is not what I want

  • I'm thinking now of how many developer lives and brains are spent on struggling to provide support for different Android APIs. For instance, this new gesture feature requires every existing screen to be checked and refactored for Android Q. Those years could be spent on something useful and something that truly makes a difference. It is striking how easy other developers (e.g.back end or front end) imagine Android development is, and how painfully hard Google makes it for us with all this hassle and features zoo.

  • Give a 1-hand help/mode maybe after years of doing nothing!? Android is STILL impossible to use with one hand. Just give a simple gesture to flip down the 50% of the screen and then you can click on it and it flips back, like done in iOS.
    You cant reach ANYTHING even in Google apps like Play store (search), Youtube (search), Chrome (url bar) with one hand, because of these elements are on the top where you cant reach them with one hand.

  • How about…

    Left swipe: Go back
    Right swipe: Last used app
    Up swipe: Recents
    Tap: Home
    Tap and hold: Assistant

    It's so freaking easy to solve this that Motorola has already figured it out for you, Google.

  • Just give us back the pill with:
    Swipe left on pill – GO BACK
    Swipe right on pill – LAST APP
    Swipe up – RECENT APPS
    Tap – HOME

    We just need the pill and they don't suck as gestures. Just like Motorola.

  • This gestures are so bad! This doesn't even look like something developed by Google…

    The gestures should be done by the system, as it's in IOS. The back gesture should be used just if the app doesn't have support

  • I just wonder how many actual developers are in the comment section and how many of them actually have apps worth mentioning. Seems some don't understand the problems those gestures will introduce.

  • anyone know where the menu button is. my work app has a 3bar button to choose what you want to do with selected items. there is no option to get the in app options

  • They should have went with oneplus way of gesture navigation. Clean and doesn't have any problems that this new gesture navigation has.

  • Perfect and I love it! I have been using these geatures in my phone running on MIUI 10 and I love these!! Thanks Google for bringing it in android q!!

  • How do I get it to go to my main home screen when I swipe up? If I was on the second or third screen that is what it goes to. I wanted to go to my main home screen when I swipe up, not any of the other screens. Is there a setting for that?

  • So the "back" gesture covers the entire side?? it should work only for the bottom half, just like MIUI and Fluid NG. As usual, half-baked features.

  • I'd rather just have my Samsung gestures. They are perfect and do not interfere with side bars, which many apps have. I wish Google would stop trying to copy iPhone crap

  • Oxygen OS gestures navigation is the best.
    Home = Swipe up from middle
    Recent = Swipe up from middle and hold
    Back = Swipe up from bottom left or bottom right
    Quick previous app = Swipe up and then right from the middle
    This doesn't interfere with apps that have swipe left and right functionality and also doesn't interfere with glide typing

    But I'd love to see more functionalities added to it like
    Forward (in web application) = Swipe up and hold from bottom left or bottom right
    Notification = Swipe up and then down from bottom left or bottom right
    Split view = Swipe up and then down from the middle

  • The worst part, that documentation provided by google is misleading and could only be understood easily by engineers who wrote it.

  • But why do Left and Right both swipes takes back..?! Technically one should take back an one forward… when you click and load a page , and then return back to homepage by Left swipe, then if you wanted to go again on that page ahead then Right swipe should act as forward navigation….. why both the sides take us back and only back.. wheres the forward……

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