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Anand Mahindra’s Twitter Video Goes Viral

Famous business tycoon Anand Mahindra is the Chairman of Mahindra Group. While Mr Mahindra was in his car, he saw a Deaf man sitting outside a sweetshop communicating in Sign Language over a video call on his mobile phone. He recorded a video of the man and shared it Twitter which went viral. Mahindra’s video got 2,03,000 views and 24,300 likes on Twitter. The video had gone viral. Did you see the video? It was posted along with the caption that said, People often criticise the way mobiles have taken over our lives. People don’t eat on time, they don’t have time to talk to relatives and are engrossed in their phones, it affects our health, etc. Many make such complains. However there is one positive point. Earlier due to no such technology, Deaf individuals would find it difficult it communicate by sign language, text messages and voice calls. Earlier it was very difficult for Deaf individuals to communicate, now due to accessibility Deaf individuals are able to communicate via sign language on video calls. This is what Mr Mahindra wanted to say. On the internet people have agreed with Mr Mahindra and are praising the advantages of technology for people with disabilities.

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