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Amit Shah Proposes Hindi as National Language

Currently, India has no national language. In India, State Governments use the language of their state. Union government use Hindi and English. On 14th September, is an important day beacuse on this day is “Hindi Diwas”. It translates to Hindi Day. On this day, Home Minister Amit Shah Tweeted and said that, there are many languages in India and they are all very important and valuable. But it is important that since India is one nation, it should have one language. If there is one language, the whole world can see. If there is one nation and one lanaguage, then India will be strong and united. This is why it is important to make Hindi the official language. On the same day, Amit Shah encouraged Indian citizens to talk in their mother tongue such as Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Telugu, etc. Indian Citizens were encouraged to learn Hindi because, there must be “One Nation, One language.” Which means that one India, one language. Its very important. This is not the first time that BJP has tried to make Hindi the official language. They have tried this before as well. However in India, Non-Hindi speaking states such as Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, etc. are not happy with this. People got angry and protested against Amit Shah’s statement. Many political leaders said that India has many languages. and everyone has their own mother tongue. Hindi is not everyone’s mother tongue. People have their own mother tongue.

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