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How To Learn Sign Language


hey guys! NaturallyKenya here and today
I’m here to learn some Turkish phrases with my friend. Do you want to introduce yourself?
Hey! This is Merve. I’m from Istanbul and I’ve been living in Rome for three
years. I met Kenya last year while we were waiting at the secretary for for 15 hours to turn in these international documents. I wanted to learn some
Turkish phrases for a while, so I thought why not do it today?
Why not? So, we’re gonna get started with 12 phrases and I hope I don’t destroy
them completely. The way this is going to work is that I’m going to try to say
the Turkish phrase with no hints. Zero hints. I have no idea how it’s
even pronounced, and then I’ll get corrected, and then we’ll see how good I
am after I hear what it actually sounds
like. The teacher in me patiently waits. So, let’s get started! The first is
hello. Merhaba. That’s actually very good. Really? Yeah. It’s Merhaba. but when they’re speaking normally
we use we usually drop the H and it’s like merhaba. Ok. So, the
next two obviously you need these when you’re answering questions. No and yes. So,
okay, I’m going to try ‘no’ first. What is this letter? What is this ‘i’ looking thing, that’s not an ‘i’. I like it’s an ‘i’ without a dot. Haha!
Ok… no- um- it’s hayir. You’re pretty close. What is it? It’s hayir.
Ok, When they’re trying to tell you something you say “Merhaba” no.
Haha! I need to learn goodbye at the end. I need to learn goodbye at the end. “Hi. No. Goodbye,” So… yes. Evet? Evet. Perfect. Have you been studying? No. I have not. Haha!
I have never studied Turkish in my life. So , the next word is please. Hmm.. this is like a
German or a Swedish ‘u’… This is strange. I don’t know. Well, that’s
a new letter for you, yeah. Hmm.. okay. Think of French. Lütfen. Wait- lütfen.
it’s neat fun loot fun it’s fun very good sauce you’re gonna loot fun then
next one is thank you what is this with the J on the bottom
what is this thing – singular – second man no no is it really okay that’s lit
that’s s with a with a small thing button is Shh so it’s check tsch tsch a
cool good one the speed is so some tension could load is right they shake
you like to shake – Akua cute life yeah you like you to find you that soda check
dis shit cooter hey shake your back to check cooter then the stress is in the
end – shokudo in Turkish I’m half fluid okay
so what’s up um let’s see is it not bad it’s not bad not bad not bad number hmm
and the first is long before it used to be two words like never back but this
way combines in developing weather okay this is nice
how are you mmm Nessa’s sin Nessa’s sin oh nothing Nessa’s same i don’t think
it’s necessarily a strange stress but it’s just different
expected to be on the end is that a trend in Turkish yes and this is usually
in the end or the syllabus before the last oh okay
what is your name this is a strange because why is it so sure in Turkish
it’s only two words what is your name is four words in English yeah because in
Turkish we add suffixes today on the third to make a new word we don’t use
different small words to name everything either nay I didn’t eh
uh-huh is it really it oh I’m not a professional I don’t know why I never
say to you these words before but you say they’re okay
are they really okay but doesn’t it I didn’t net means what we don’t need to
say is if your name so it’s name your what how you feel when you’re learning
English twisting and backwards and upside down what is this that is crazy
so uh turn it on it other than it I didn’t the next line where are you from
again this is one word but there’s forward okay I won’t say anything that’s
okay so makes me nervous Nick Bailey’s need anything no Madison
be pronounce them hey it’s not like narrow soon oh yeah it’s so precise
maybe I just a tendency ate everything so that minute knit any never knit
anything very good at anything my name is dot dot dot okay what’s your
night I don’t know my name if I can’t think of some Turkish first I can’t even
say my name no okay big Benny my D wait my name I do
uh-huh Benny Benny I didn’t Kenya is is that how it works everyone
with my basic vocabulary I’m gonna rise Benny my doom Kenya okay this is a
definitely a workout this is a gym workout what is this word okay so the
next one is nice to meet you okay the first word tummies finish this yes no it’s not true but it’s a good bit
advanced it’s telling soon what’s up Tenny shoot Tony streamers out sit in
the Sun then the G is a soft G so it’s actually like let’s complicate a word of
life okay penny stream was awesome Bobby
supersonically my mouth doesn’t make this sound that guy’s nose that tiny
sure Rosanna huh Teddy shoes tell you I’m gonna do okay we need to move on
everything oh don’t oh tell she’s feeling the side name the Lord Oh Teddy
she resigned minam Goh minam you I’m saying menu like we’re ordering some
food okay Teddy stream was a mainland miminum all the autumn penny Schumann
tiny streamers are mem no minun minun all dome tent any stigmas on
Minden Oldham yes okay that’s the best one okay I’m not saying it again
the next one would be let’s go let’s go okay let’s go
Gaeta them yeah did you need to give them giving them oh you’re gonna also
add come on I don’t want I think you didn’t give them yeah okay kind of
easily anything I’m so much better when you say about okay so the next one
Cheers we learned this shit okay yeah we
learned this I go by we hang on to my job over that one
shit okay right okay perfect okay that was the easy one okay
and finally goodbye okay I see us that makes us yeah we’ll just receive it they
have good lighting it can be this shit yeah okay those guys I can just catch it
oh it’s okay so bullshit Shaka isn’t really boy hush
hush shucks course Rico let’s check out how shut up I wasn’t that mad let’s
check out huh shotgun Seco hajikko so guys that was my attempt at trying some
Turkish phrases is what some distance everything successful except nice to
meet you but thank you so much for watching I’m was like things to motivate
for being here and being in my video so excited to share this with you guys I
really like trying different languages just trying no one said it’s gonna be
perfect but I do like to give it a good try at least one time thank you guys for
watching and I will see you the next one bye bye all


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