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American Sign Language Food Words : American Sign Language: Grocery Shopping

Now I’ll teach you some signs for shopping.
Shop, grocery shopping, grocery store. You can see the difference between shopping and
store. Store is a noun, shopping is an action. When you’re in the store, you might be in
a grocery store and you might see a cashier, cashier. Aisles, aisles; fruit, meat, cereal,
bread, milk — you might have the dairy aisle. So we’ll review — shopping, store, cashier,
aisle. Practice those signs.

4 Replies to “American Sign Language Food Words : American Sign Language: Grocery Shopping”

  • Actually, there is more than one way to sign cereal. Doing a "C" by the cheek is commonly considered SEE sign, not ASL. The sign I use is the index finger wiggling across the upper lip from left-to-right if you're left-handed or right-to-left if you're right handed. Feel free to check out my channel as I teach ASL for a living. This summer I will be making more videos as well.


  • I am taking a course in ASl. I enjoy learning the language, but it is very difficult. The books i have bought to help me are very vague when explaining what the pictures or the signs are. Also like this video my teacher signs very very fast. I would think when you are teaching people who are trying to learn you would slow it down. From what i am seeing it is like ASL is a race. That is what i am struggling with.

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