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American Sign Language Emotion Words : American Sign Language: Excited

Now I’ll teach you the sign for excited and
not excited. Excited, extremely excited, thrilled. It’s exciting. There are different ways that
you can use that sign. Oh, I am so exited. Motivated, motivated. I really want to learn
sign language. You can use that sign, or I’m excited to learn sign language. Enthusiastic.
Enthusiastic, to show that you really want something. Not excited, not excited. Let’s
review; excited, very excited. Not excited. Motivated, enthusiastic. Practice those signs.

5 Replies to “American Sign Language Emotion Words : American Sign Language: Excited”

  • what is the difference between the signs for "motivated" and "enthusiastic"? they look quite similar to me. is it the tempo/speed of the motion? granted, i am a novice at asl (only been learning for a few days). your videos are quite fast, but helpful. they're very different from the videos made by hearing people. i think this is the best way to learn. thank you!

  • I have heard more than many rumors that these videos are full of false hand gestures…Can someone please tell if this is trueor not?

  • @TheAwesomeness103 Nooo they are so not fake. The woman signing really is deaf and has someone else to speak for her.

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