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How To Learn Sign Language

American Sign Language Educational Interpreter Voicemail

Hello. You have reached the Educational
Interpreter’s voicemail. Please listen to the following prompts
for the correct extension. If you are calling because you think you can do the
interpreter’s job better because you took a Sign Language class in college press 1. To
ask the interpreter to refrain from interpreting in your class because it
bothers you and you would rather let the student sleep, press 2. To request the
interpreter get your coffee, create lesson plans, make copies, or dance a jig
because it amuses you, press 3. If you are calling because you want to tell the
interpreter that it will be in easy week because you will read Dr. Seuss
and Mother Goose nursery rhymes, press 4. To swear at the interpreter, press 5. To tell the interpreter for the third
time that you intend to learn more Sign Language because your child is deaf and
now that he is seventeen years old you think it might be a good idea, press 6.
To blame the interpreter for a student’s bad behavior or poor grades, press 7.
To tell the interpreter you have decided to use made up movements in your
class from now on because it “looks prettier,” press 8. If you
understand that American Sign Language and English are continuously evolving
languages in that Educational Interpreters are highly qualified and
skilled professionals who work tirelessly to enhance and enrich the
student’s educational experience with passion and dedication please hang up and have a nice day.

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