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How To Learn Sign Language

American Sign Language at Berea Academy St. Louis

Hey! Did you see, BEREA has sign classes? Yeah, I saw the new class. The teacher is new! Amber Sobery… Do you know her? Yes! That’s Me! I’m excited! I get to teach a new class this year! I’ll be teaching ASL1 and ASL2. Do you want to help me? Yes! I would love that! Great! Well now we need some students to join us! Class will be on Wednesdays. Check out the email from BEREA for more details. See you all soon! We are super excited… I’m super-excited to be shadowing Amber and helping with this class ASL is truly a beautiful language and something I am very passionate about and really love So I’m just excited and I hope you all are excited to join us because it’s going to be a fun journey That’s for sure! So I hope I have the opportunity to meet you for Open House on August 19th So I hope to see you there!
Bye. Bye!

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