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How To Learn Sign Language

American Sign Language Asl Tutorial for the Abc’s #withcaptions

hi everyone I’m going to be teaching you
how to sign the alphabet because that is very basic and that’s the first thing you really
need to know when you’re learning how to sign So were are going to start off with A A you’re gonna bring all your fingers
down and out your thumb over the side So it will look like A B you tuck your thumb and and pull your
fingers together B for C you just make C Like you would write it C For D you would make an L left-right like you do when you are little. you would go like this and bring your thumb over. for letter E you would bring all your forefingers down and you put your your thumb
underneath them so this would be an E E; For F your index finger is going to be touching your thumb so this is an F you’re going to be trying her hand side
ways bringing your three fingers in and you’re going to
be putting her thumb behind your index finger. H you’re gonna bring your next finger out I you just put your pinky finger out J you just scoop your I finger J; K you gonna put your thumb in between you’re index finger and your middle
finger so this is gonna be a K L you are going to make an L M you bring three fingers down over your thumb like so. Your thumb is going to go in-beween your pinky finger and your ring finger. “Laughing” So it is M For an N you are going to put your thumb in-between your middle finger and ring finger. And this finger so N P you’re making an upside-down K P For the letter Q you are going to make your fingers like this and go like this so Q R your index finger and your middle finger are going to cross like this so R like I’m promising something when you are little “Laughing” R; S you are going to do the same thing as the letter A except get your thumb goes over your fingers ;T is like this your thumb will go in-between your pointer finger and middle finger U youa re going to be bringing all your fingers down except your index finger and your middle finger and then putting them together like this so U for W you just add a finger. For X you make a hook with your index finger X Y you are going to bring all your fingers down except your pinky and thumb y; and for z you are just going to draw it out in the air. so that the ABC please subscribe Umm I am learning as well but I’ve been signing for Umm at least 10 months now so please suscribe There will be more videos to come. Thank you Subtitles by the community

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