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How To Learn Sign Language

American Sign Language ABC’s ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤

Wanna learn the ABC’s in
American Sign Language? HELL YEAH you do! High Five! Dude, put up your hand. You’re gonna high five the screen right now. Okay, ready? On the count of 3… 1 2 3! For those of you who
actually high fived your screen, I love you. There is only 26 letters in the alphabet. And the best part about
American Sign Language is you don’t need to
learn how to pronounce anything! Oh thank god! #One Of The Many Reasons Why
You Should Learn Sign Language. Also if you do learn
American Sign Language or at least the ABC’s… I’m telling you guys right now, you could really help… A homie out. (AKA me) So, I’m gonna show you guys
how to sign the ABC’s in American Sign Language. But, at the same time
I’m gonna give you guys my visual tips and tricks that I used to remember the alphabet. Let’s get started! [A] So, I always thought that [A]
kinda looked a little bit like an apple. If you turn it this way it’s like it’s got the little stem sticking out. That’s how I remembered it. (crunching sounds) [B] So, there’s two ways I remember the letter [B] One way is that it kinda looks
like you are holding up a book. So [B] for “Book”. The other way I remember it is
[B] for “Backhand”. You know like all those times
you got in trouble with your parents and they’d give you the backhand. “What’d you say to me??” “Go clean your room!” [B] for “Backhand”. [C] Now I think it’s pretty straight forward. I mean like, can you not [C] That the [C] looks like a [C]… [C]. [D] Now the way that I
remember [D] is that, [D] is always going to be number #1. (Chanting) [D] is number #1!
[D] is number #1! And if it helps, pick any word that begins with the letter [D]
and then say it’s number #1. [E] The way I remember [E] is imagine you have something
gross on your fingernails, and then you look at it and you’re like, “EEEWWWWW!” [E] is for “EW”. [F] When it comes to the letter
[F] I always like to think, “Oh I’m fine” [F] is for “Fine”. “I’m fine guys don’t worry about me!” [G] Now [G] is kinda tricky to remember because it looks so similar to [H]. But the way that I remember it,
is that [G] is for “Go”. And usually when you tell someone to go you’re like, “Hey you need to go!”. [H] If you turn it like this
and put a line through it, it looks like an [H]. [ I ] Pinkies up! [ I ] is the fanciest letter there is. You just can’t get anymore fancier than [ I ]. [ J ] You literally take
that fancy [ I ] of yours and just draw a [ J ] with it. [K] [K] is a hard one for
some people to remember. But I mean if you look at it, it kinda looks like a [K]… Cuz’ you got the thingy… And then the other thingy. [ L ] That… is definitely an [ L ]. [M] The [M] to me, always reminded me of those tiny little [M]’s drawn on the M&M’s. After [M], Boom! [N] Just like the [M] the
[N] kinda looks like an [N]. [O] Snaps! How’d that get there? [O] like the [ L ],
super straight forward. [P] There’s two ways I remember [P]. First way is that [P]
is actually a [K] upside down. The second way I remember [P] is that, [P] kinda looks like
two legs are standing up, and they’re peeing. [P] is for “Pee”. [Q] Guy’s we got another letter
from the upside down. [Q] is actually a [G] upside down. Mind blowing. [R] [R] to me kinda looks like a lower case [r]. But another way that you
could remember it is that, crossed fingers is [R] And… In the word “Crossed”… There’s an [R]! [S] Woah, woah, woah, woahh! It’s not a [A] it’s an [S]. Remember, apples have stems and [S]’s don’t. The other way I remember [S] is that you can literally strike
somebody with an [S] Pow! Right in the kisser! [ T ] [ T ] is for “Trick”. Because it reminds me
so much of all the times when my grandpa would be like, “Ah Ha Ha! Got your nose!” “Just kidding, tricked ya!” “I don’t have your nose!” [U] [U] looks like a [U]. I mean it doesn’t look like
YOU but it looks like a [U]. [V] It’s a [V]. Which brings me to [W] it obviously a double [U] [X] So the way that I remember [X] is that I literally imagine myself to be Captain Hook. And I pretend I’m a pirate
looking for my treasure. And I’m all like, “AHOY! [X] Marks the spot!” Sooo… [X]! [Y] Two ways I remember [Y]. One, it looks like a [Y]. And two, “SHAKA!” [Y]? Because I have family in Hawaii. I’m all about those Aloha vibes Bro! Last but not least! [Z] [Z] is for “Zorro”. (sword swishing sounds) [Z] Anyways that’s it! If anyone has some weird
ways that helped them remember the alphabet, make sure
to leave them in the comments below! Hope you guys learned something today! But more importantly, Stay cool and I’ll see you all later! Alright guys, ready? ❤ -ABC Review Time!- ❤
Go at your own pace and pause the video.

70 Replies to “American Sign Language ABC’s ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤”

  • Awesome way to start off the new year! Will definitely be sharing with my friend who is just starting to learn sign 😊

  • ahh this is so similar to my video for this Sunday hahaha but I'm comparing asl alphabet to the bsl alphabet 🙂 x

  • Thanks… "a""g"……. we're like nightmare untill your video….. "d" always comes firts…
    Your are a very funny person… 😊😊😊🙄😁

  • Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your videos! I have a rare type of sensorineural hearing loss that wasn’t detected unto my early 20s (they say it’s congenital). About 10 years later, it has gotten progressively worse and started affecting my ability to understand conversation quite significantly even with my hearing aids. I am struggling to find the best way to start truly learning ASL. Do you have any recommendations for me?

  • This hurts my hand. I can't imagine learning these well enough to sign it quickly. I think Auslan ABC's are way easier.

  • 3:40 I want to know how many people actually thought you were going to hit them even through their computer (or whatever they're using to watch!)

  • I remember H like I’m poking it thru a hole. I think that’s bc i had a picture book as a kid of the ASL alphabet and the H was going thru a hole. Lol it just stuck with me tho.

  • I'm curious. As a person who uses your hands to dance…. errr…. speak (sign language is so beautiful!), do you feel like you need to keep your nails nicer than if you didn't?

  • Thank you so much for this video! I really enjoyed it! I always have a hard time remembering the difference between g and h! 🙂

  • I use BSL and I like to learn ASL 😀 I was confused with "D" and "F" at first time, I did practise ABC in ASL and I did well. When I saw your video, it actually made sense! I am a visual learner, so it is easy for me to remember.

    I love your video and made me laughing so much, especially the "X" letter! I didn't think that, very good!

    Also, I did "five high" you XD

  • If you're a slow finger speller, is it preferable to use a different form of communication with someone who is Deaf or HOH?

  • I’m so happy this video was made, because I’ve been wanting to learn ASL for forever, and this video helped a lot. I was wondering can you do numbers next? I would really appreciate it.

    Edit: Also, I’m new and I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  • I actually high fived my screen. Love you, love your content, love everything you do on this channel! Keep it up! <3

  • This was great. You should do one for the British manual alphabet next! I have a hard time memorizing it so perhaps your method would help!

  • This was amazing! You just made the alphabet so much easier! I am so glad I found you on your collaboration with Drew Lynch! Subscribed! I hope to learn more with you! ❤🐭🐸🐵😭🐯😉😀😊 You are an amazing teacher!

  • Love it 🙂 The same sings are used for the german sign language Alphabeth… and some of the signs you used in this video are also the same

  • haha, i high fived the screen forgetting its also touchscreen so i thought the video was in a forever buffer, im so dumb lol

  • Hey Jessica 🙂 my name is Kate, I originally came from your video with Drew. Just wanted to say how much I love this video! I completed my Level 1 BSL here in the UK last year and seeing this video on ASL I decided I wanted to learn the alphabet for ASL you made it so much easy to remember the signs and can now (partially (still with a ASL chart to remember) ) sign the ASL alphabet so thankyou! x

  • I have been trying for YEARS to learn the ASL alphabet and this video helped me to remember all the ones I had problems with. I'm spelling EVERYTHING now!! Thank You so much XOX

  • I know all the letters and I’m learning ASL but I’m having issues. Let me back up, I had been learning SEE for about 3 years because my aunt is deaf and she prefers SEE, but now I’ve been learning ASL the past 2 years because I actually met and am now engaged to my wonderful amazing fiancé and he happens to be deaf and he prefers ASL. He’s so patient with me when I forget and mix up my signs between SEE and ASL. It’s like a version of Spanglish flowing from my hands. My biggest problem is slowing my mind down to fingerspell. I try to interpret for him and my hand doesn’t do the letters that I see in my mind and I trip over my own fingers. Do you have any pointers?!

  • The way I remember the letter E is because the way you hold your hand is similar to how you hold an egg when you crack it and egg starts with E:)

  • Tanks I learned to spell my name in sign language already. Really thank you. Keep making these videos. I love watching them. Love AMM

  • Jessica this method really helped me a lot. I got the majority of the easy letter down pat- just a few tough ones in the mix. This mnemonic device you created works great! Thx for making this video! I am sure many people appreciated it.

    I am a HOH person with a sensorineural loss in both ears since I was 5. My loss is getting worse and I figured it is time to learn ASL- in case I ever need it and also just for fun! 🙂

  • Thank u very much I' m from Venezuela and a computer science teacher at Goodwill Venezuela, i have three students with hearing impairment , and i need to learn about the ASL alphabet, your videos are very funny and very interesting. Congratulations.

  • Jessica! I feel so accomplished, my partner just tested me after your video and I got them all with your techniques! Will follow up with your other video to find online classes. Such a fun alphabet. I'm going aim spell out everything.

  • Yes I just High fived my screen.😂 I’ve learned the alphabet before but I’ve forgotten some of the letters so this was a good refresher. I really do wanna learn ASL and I have for a while now but I’ve just never started. I think now I’m going to! (You have a great name btw😉) I found you on Drew Lynch’s channel and subscribed❤️

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