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Amazing baby! 4-year-old polyglot girl speaks 7 languages fluently. WOW!

– Hello!
– Hi! In the qualifying round, our participant spoke six languages. She spoke…
Today there will be seven languages! And she will have to not speak but read.
Lets start the challange for Bella Devyatkina! I ask those who are going to help us lead
the challenge for Bella, to come out here There is a fairy-tale, Bella.
It is about a magical flower. It had seven petals. Our task today, Bella,
is to collect all the petals of the flower. And you will have to read six fairy-tales,
and then to retell thei core in Arabic. Come here! Let’s start with Russian one. Have a seat on the chest. Take the book,
read! [Russian language.]:
“When Rosie came back,
Mother was worried and asked: “Where have you been?”
“Me? I wanted to learn what love is!” – the girl said “And now I know everything.”
“Oh really?” – Father said. “Yes, now I know where it is.”
“It is in our hearts.” “Love is what we all have for each other.”
You got it right, my dear,” – Grandma said. “And I’ve understood that I love you all! Yes!”
said Rosie and opened her arms! Good job!
This was an axtract in Russian. I think we can now place the first
petal on the flower. Let’s go. It was the easiest, Russia one.
Bella, continue in English now. Please! Hello, Bella! Hello! How are you? I’m fine. Now let’s read a story about Hello Kitty! Do you know Hello Kitty? Aha… Let me open the correct page… It is time to have a snack. After peaches we can have some pancakes. Everyone is taking a lot of pictures to have memories. Attantion! Say “Cheese!” Click! The picture is in the box! Very well! What color is this petal? it is sky-blue. Great! Now go to the lady who speaks German! Hello Bella! Hello! Will you read something for me? Yes! This is a book about Lara and a naughty elf. Lara is in bed. She is wearing a pink nightdress. The one that has a pictue of elf on the front. Lara’s blanket is pink too. Is she sleeping? No, she is dreaming with her eyes open. She imagines her being an elf. A tender elf that dance under the moonlight, on flower lawn, and marries a Prince. Correct! Cook, this was well done! What color is this? Green! Yes, correct! Now let’s go to the lady who speaks Spanish. Hello, Bella! Hello! Will you read with me? Yes! What is written here? No sweets! No sweets! And do you like sweets? Let’s read! Hello! My name is Alex, and I don’t know if
you get me right, but I hate plants! This is awful! It is time to have dinner, you are ver hungry. But they give you some grass to eat… Well this is what my parents call vegetables. They say that vegetables are very good for growth. But I think the only thing that will grow after this will be leaves! Yikes! Bella, what color is it? It is red! Red! Well done! Now speak Chinese! Hello! Hello! Can you read this book? Okay. Let’s read. Once a monkey went down the
mountains to a corn field. And it was a lot of large corn. Great, Bella! You need to find a petal with me.
Where is the petal? Here it is! Oh here it is! Let me help you!
I will help you, okay? What color is it? It is dark-blue. Great! Dark-blue! And now go to the person who speaks Arabic! Hello! Hello! How are you doing?
Do you want to sit down? I want to stand. Okay. Listen, I have the last petal. And in order for me to give it to you, you need to retell the fairy-tales, that you’ve read in different languages.
Is that alright with you? Yes. Yes, because they are good ones. Okay, can you tell me what the Russian tale was about? It was about love. It was about love, correct! And what did Rosie say? She said that love is in our hearts. Yes, that’s right. Love is in our hearts. Now tell me, what did you read about in English? I read about a naughty duck. About a naughty duck, that is right. And what did you read about in the French book? About Kitty. Kitty! Where did Kitty go? She went on a holiday! On a holiday! And where did she have the holiday? By the sea. Great! She had her holiday by the sea! And what was the German book about? About Lara. About Lara, and what did Lara want? She wanted to become a dancing princess. Yes, awesome! Bella, tell me, what was the book in Spanish about? It was about Alex! Alex! And what did Alex not like? Alex didn’t like to eat vegetables. And why didn’t he like it? Do you like vegetables? Yes, because they are healthy! Right, they are healthy! And tell me what the book in Chinese was about? It was about a monkey who saw corn. Right you are! You are very clever! I think you deserve the last petal! Here is the last petal! Amazing! Our magical flower has seven petals already, the flower is ready, you’ve passed all the tasks! The applause is for you, and here’s the deserved prize! It is wearing the same yellow dress as you! Bella Devyatkina! The Incredible… Kids!

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