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Alphabets for kids | ABC song | videos for kids

A A A is for Alligator , AAA..Alligator A is for Air , AAA..Air B B B is for Birthday , BBB..Birthday.. B is for Bread , BBB..Bread.. C C C is for Clean , CCC..Clean C is for Clever , CCC..Clever D D D is for Draw ,DDD..Drraw D is for Desk , DDD..Desk E E E is for Evening , EEE..Evening E is for Ear , EEE..Ear F F F is for Flower, FFF..Flower F is for Fox, FFF..Fox G G G is for Gold, GGG..Gold G is for Glass, GGG..Glass H H H is for Hotel , HHH..Hotel H is for Hand , HHH..Hand I I I is for Imp, III..Imp I is for Inch, III..Inch J J J is for Jelly, JJJ…Jelly J is for Juice, JJJ…Juice K K K is for Kitten, kkk…Kitten K is for Kite, kkk…Kite L L L is for Ladder, LLL…Ladder L is for Lips, LLL…Lips M M M is for Market, MMM…Market M is for Mix, MMM…Mix N N N is for Nice , NNN..Nice N is for New , NNN..New O O O is for On , OOO..On O is for Off , OOO..Off P P P is for Pull , PPP..Pull P is for Push, PPP..Push Q Q Q is for Question , QQQ..Question Q is for Quiz , QQQ..Quiz R R R is for Radio, RRR..Radio R is for Road, RRR..Road S S S is for Sunshine , SSS..Sunshine S is for Square, SSS..Square T T T is for Travel , TTT..Travel T is for Train , TTT..Train U U U is for Understand , UUU…Understand U is for Us , UUU…Us V V V is for Vegetable , VVV…Vegetable V is for Vest , VVV…Vest W W W is for Welcome , WWW..Welcome W is for Week , WWW..Week X X X is for Xylophone, XXX..Xylophone X is for X- mas, XXX..X – mas Y Y Y is for Yoyo, YYY..Yoyo Y is for Yawn , YYY..Yawn Z Z Z is for Zigzag, ZZZ..Zigzag Z is for Zoom, ZZZ..Zoom

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