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Alphabet For Kids: Learn Letters a to z with Pratfall ABCs!

(bright music) (figures imitating trumpeting) – [Child] A. (figures babbling) A. (figures exclaiming) – [Child] B! (figures babbling) B! (bee buzzing) – [Child] C! (figures babbling) C! (figures exclaiming) D! (figures babbling) D! (figures babbling) – [Child] E! (figures babbling) E! F! (figures babbling) (figures exclaiming) (figures babbling) F! – [Child] G! (figures babbling) G! (figures exclaiming) – [Child] H! (figures babbling) H! – [Child] I! (figures babbling) I! (figures exclaiming) – [Child] J! (figures babbling) (humming) (playful music) (figures exclaiming) J! – [Child] K! (figures babbling) K! – [Child] L! (figures babbling) L! (figures exclaiming) – [Child] M! (figures babbling) M! N! (figures babbling) (figures exclaiming) N! O! (figures exclaiming) O! (figures exclaiming) – [Child] P. (figure exclaiming) (figure buzzing) P!
(figures exclaiming) Q! (figures babbling) Q! R! (figures babbling) R! (figures babbling) – [Child] S! (figures babbling) S. (figures exclaiming) – [Child] T! (figures babbling) T! – [Child] U! (figures babbling) U! – [Child] V! (figures babbling) (figures exclaiming) V! – [Child] W! (figures exclaiming) W! – [Child] X! (figures exclaiming) (crashing) (figures babbling) (xylophone bars chiming) (figures exclaiming) X! – [Child] Y! (figures babbling) (crashing) Y! (figures exclaiming) – [Child] Z! (figures babbling) Z! (figures exclaiming)

6 Replies to “Alphabet For Kids: Learn Letters a to z with Pratfall ABCs!”

  • A: Apple
    B: Bee and Block
    C: Caterpillar
    D: Dog
    E: Eggplant
    F: Flower
    G: Giraffe
    H: Hippo
    I: Ice Cream
    J: Jack in the Box
    K: Kite
    L: Lollipop
    M: Mouse
    N: Net
    O: Onion
    P: Pencil
    Q: Question Mark
    R: Rabbit
    S: Snail
    T: Tree
    U: Umbrella
    V: Vine
    W: Worm
    X: Xylophone
    Y: Yo-Yo
    Z: Zipper

  • Love your videos sooo educational well done keep it up ❤️‼️🔴💚💙💜🧡💛💕🥰😎😎‼️

  • Thanks so much for watching! You can find more great videos for young learners in the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

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