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Almost 73 Questions with Pop’n’Olly & 15K Celebration | Pop’n’Olly | Olly Pike

–Hello, hello! Olly Pike and Pop…
–Hi! here from Pop and Olly. And we can’t wait to share with you
this video. But, before we do, make sure you like,
subscribe, and turn on notifications. And if you’d like to help us continue
creating content then please support us
by becoming a Pop’n’Olly Patreon at Cool. Enjoy the video. [doorbell rings] Hello! –[woman] Hey Olly! Thanks for inviting me!
–You’re welcome. Come in. [woman] So, [reads question] Amazing!
Thanks for following me, everyone. –[woman reads question]
–Just general Pop’n’Olly admin business. [woman] Awesome! Would you mind
if I asked you some questions? –Of course not! But you’ll have to keep up.
–[woman] Oop! [woman] Ah! So is this your office
or your living room? Er… it’s both. I work from home. So, what are you up to now? Just signing some books.
I’m doing this thing where I’m signing every order
this side of Christmas. –[woman] Can we see your signature?
–Sure! –[woman] Aw! Is that Pop?
–[Olly] That is Pop. That is my name, and that is kind-of a secret S
because my middle name is Samuel. [woman] Fun facts! So, what motivates you
to write these books? Ah. So many different things.
I mean, I love fairytales, I love creating content for kids, I love drawing. But, basically, I just think there should
be more LGBT+ inclusive content in the world, for children. [woman reads question] Yes, lots of new characters in my head,
all the time, but I’m just keeping them up there
for now. [woman] Tell us about your ear collection. [Olly] Ah, yes, you probably
recognise these from the videos because I sometimes wear them and they are from… Genki Gear but I think they’re made
by someone called Yaya Han. [woman] Why aren’t you wearing them today? Because I’m not in
Pop and Olly world, today. –[woman] How do you put them on?
–Okay. I’ll show you. Pull them up… and adjust… and you’re good to go. [woman] Wow! Your office is packed
with all of your different books. What’s your latest one? Kerry Lives with Erica and Martina. Came out a couple of months ago.
[chuckles] [woman] Haven’t you got a campaign going on
with that one, at the moment? Yeah. So, it’s called
the Kenny Lives campaign, and I’m trying to put a copy
of this LGBT+ inclusive book into every primary school in the UK. [woman] That sounds awesome! Is there any way that we can help
with the campaign? Yeah, sure. You can buy the book. But it would be great
if you could donate a copy to your old primary school. Or, actually, I’ve got these.
These are new. Kenny Lives gift cards. You can give these, maybe this Christmas, and your friends or family get to choose
where a copy of the book goes. [woman] You look very comfortable
by that piano. Can you play it? No. [woman] Okay.
Time for some quick-fire questions. –Okay.
–[woman reads question] McDonalds. –[woman reads question]
–DNA. [woman reads question] I like both, but probably white. [woman] mattgreg1711 has asked… That’s my housemate. Don’t panic, Matt! Everything is fine. [woman] And, last one… Uh… [woman reads question] I’m really into sweet potato
at the moment, so… maybe sweet potato. –It’s really good for you!
–[woman] Okay! –Whoa! More books!
–[Olly] Yeah, they’re everywhere. Oh! Actually, I’m doing
a special Christmas discount for my books. –[woman] Ooh! Is there a promo code?
–There is a promo code… but I’m not sure what it is,
but I will say it at the end of this video. –[woman] Oh, wow! So this is your studio?
–[Olly] Yeah! It’s also… a bedroom! [chuckles] [woman] Aw! I like your unicorn. Thanks. Their name’s Chester. [woman] Aw! What are their pronouns? They/them. [woman] I like their rainbow bandana. Yeah, this is my Pride bandana
which I wear every Pride. [woman] How cool! [reads question] You know what? I loved this year because I got to march
and ride on a bus with Mermaids, and Little Mix were there, too,
so that was awesome. –[woman reads question]
–Hmm… Probably Feugo. I mean, technically
it’s a Eurovision song, but… I think you can listen to it
at Pride, as well. [woman reads question] So, I think I was, like, 13 or 14 but I don’t think I accepted it to myself
until I was, like, maybe 16 or 17. And I wasn’t necessarily bullied,
but I did feel very different and, you know, I’ve had my fair share
of homophobia. You know, being shouted at
in the street, online abuse. [woman] So, you film all your videos here
in your bedroom? Yep. [woman] How did you learn
how to use a green screen? YouTube. –So you taught yourself?
–Yep! [woman] Wow. Sumuko wants to know if there will be a All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved
Part 3 video coming soon. It’s on its way. I’m halfway through it,
but my software crashed, so annoying,
but I promise you it’s nearly ready. –[woman] You used to be on TV, didn’t you?
–I did! I used to be on a CBBC show
called Trapped. I was Wiley Sneak. [woman reads question] Sure. Why not? [woman] Is that a mini Pop’n’Olly
over there? Yeah! This is from one
of my Patreons, Phil. [woman] Cool! What’s a Patreon? So, a Patreon is someone
who supports my work and enables me to create– continue creating content. You get rewards for being a Patreon, so… you get to be part of the group chat,
I draw you, and, also, a book gets donated
on your behalf every month. [woman] Amazing! Did you make this, as well? [Olly] Yeah. About six years ago. [woman] What’s your favourite thing
on Earth? Er… I like this. It says, ‘Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.’ [woman] Tyler wants to know… [reads question] Er… Okay. Maybe this’ll answer that. –[woman] Ha-ha!
–It was Tom Daly for a while. [chuckles] [woman reads question] Ooh. I want to learn sign language.
Definitely. I’d love to go to Hollywood,
’cause I’ve never been, and… it would be so awesome
if Pop’n’Olly won some sort of award. I mean, I seem to always be the runner-up, erm, which is cool, but a bit of accolade would be nice. Not that that’s the reason I do it. [woman] Wow! You like a lot
of post-it notes. Tell me about… this one. –[Olly] This one?
–[woman] ‘A year from now.’ Yeah! I like to look at that
every day and think, ‘Where am I gonna be in one year’s time?’
‘Where do I wanna be?’ [woman reads question] Ooh. Somewhere hot, hopefully. I mean, I hope I’m still doing
the same thing, but, on a bigger scale,
maybe I’ll have my own studio. [woman reads question] No one. I like being myself. [woman reads question] I mean, I think I’d probably try
and plug something. So, you know what?
I think I’d let Pop handle that one. [woman] Speaking of Pop,
I’ve actually got questions for him. –Is he around?
–He can be. –[woman] Awesome!
–This way. Okay. Are you ready? [woman] Yep! –Hey hey!
–[woman] Hi Pop! Hello! [woman] So, [reads question] I’m not very old. [woman reads question] What’s helium? –[woman reads question]
–Candies and ice cream. [woman] And now, I have some questions
for both of you. [woman reads question] I like cats, obviously. And rabbits. [woman] Pop? I like cactuses. [woman reads question] I loved art and drama. [woman] What about you, Pop? I liked lunchtime. –[woman] Thanks, Pop!
–Bye. [woman] By the way,
I really like your hoodie. –[Olly] Thanks!
–[woman] Where did you get it? This is a Pop’n’Olly official merchandise. You can get it from [woman] Awesome. Now, I’ve got some questions
from your Instagram followers. Cool. [woman reads question] I have, but which language
should I translate them into, first? [woman reads question] Ugh… Probably that you have to live
so much of your life, like, not being the genuine version
of yourself. [woman reads question] Sure! As long as you can pay
for the flights. Strm sends a loveheart. Aw, thanks Strm. [woman reads question] Ah, prejudice is a difficult one because, you know, it can be embedded
at such a young age and it’s difficult to break down. I think that’s why I mainly do what I do. [woman reads question] Er, just little things, you know. The sunshine, seeing the sky, yeah. [woman] Simon says… Squirrel! [woman] Where? There isn’t a squirrel, Olly. [tuts] Ugh… Olly? Come back,
I’ve got one more question for you. Okay, what is it? [woman reads question] Yeah, always. –[woman] Cool.
–In fact, I need to do some work on it now,
so we’re gonna have to wrap this up. [woman] Okay! That’s fine.
I think that was our last question anyway. [Olly] Great. –Oh! Before you go, can you do me a favour?
–[woman] Yeah. –Can you post this for me?
–Oh, yeah, sure. It’s, erm, a book… –for a primary school.
–[woman] Awesome! Well, thanks for hanging out
with us today, Olly! No worries. See you later. Thanks, everyone.
I hope you enjoyed that video. But now it’s time for me
to ask you a question: Have you sent a copy of our latest book
to your old primary school? Because I want to make sure
every primary school in the UK has at least one LGBT+ inclusive book
in their school library. But I can only do that with your support. Please help by donating a copy
at Thanks. And, also: thank you for 15k subscribers
here on YouTube! Where would we be without you? Here’s to the next 15k. And, I guess we will see you next time. Love and/or unicorns. Bye. Oh, and I almost forgot: that promo code. It’s [reads below] Use it at
to get 10% off, this Christmas.

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