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All Terrain RF-based gesture-controlled Robot using Arduino

Welcome. In this video, I am going to show you the demo of Gesture Controlled All Terrain RF based robot. Over here, I am wearing a glove Having flex sensor over here. And also Arduino board, battery and also RF transmitter. It works on 434 MHz. And here in the robot you can see Arduino board, RF receiver and 12V battery. So while showing different gestures, it will move front, back and other directions. So now i will show how it will work. Now I have bend first finger (index finger) So now it is moving forward. When I make all fingers straight, then it will stop. Next bending two fingers (index and middle). I have bend next two fingers and now it is moving backwards. When I make it straight, it again stops. When I bend the third finger, it is moving right now. When i make it straight, it will stop. When i bend all the fingers together, it will move left like this. This is how we can control the robot with gesture. Thank you and for more information visit our e store:

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